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  1. My simple advise: read about Deja Vú. Science has some understanding on how they happen now. Perhaps once you understand the mechanism you'll feel more at ease with it. Imagine that your knee was failing you, and you were limping. You WON'T assign that to God dragging your leg or anything like that, right? Well, with this Deja Vu is the same, just that way more complex because it's inside of our mind, but once you interpret it as just a recurrent simple fail of your memory, and take it as knee pain, I think you'll make some progress
  2. Excellent! Congratulations! I agree with the strong HPPD-stress correlation. I don't buy the Grof's BS though
  3. Hi, have a look at this, just in case: https://www.clarendonvision.com/binocular-vision-dysfunction-neuro-visual-medicine/symptoms-of-binocular-vision-dysfunction/
  4. Thought exactly the same. I hope he's getting some help
  5. Thanks for sharing, glad you're better, keep us posted on the keppra!
  6. I'd definitely want to hear more about that! How many sessions did you get? Did you get those after effects every time? It's extremely rare, so please, tell us all you can!
  7. Research doesn't work that way, is not that straightforward...
  8. At the rate that technology and medicine advances, I wouldn't say that unless I was 60+ years old.... I don't know how old you are, of course
  9. If it was me, I'd take it asap. It just makes all sense, I don't see any reason to delay treatment. In fact for me it would make sense to do exactly the opposite: get as much treatment asap, when maybe the "damage" is still reversible... and taper off later on. Netflix documentary, The Mind Explained, episode 5, minute 18, they make the analogy of our brains being like mountains covered in snow, with sleds creating paths on it, once you repeat something long enough, making it difficult to escape that route. If you let your visuals "sink in", it might be impossible to get out of there
  10. Felicia, I linked you drugs because you were looking for a "cure for HPPD", and those are the most reliable. That pursuit, mixed with your eagerness to find information, but yet your lack of skills to properly understand, interpret, and filter what you read, could be a really dangerous mix. Be careful, you're prone to fall into any type of dangerous shit... "sometimes longer" means a couple of hours more, not days, months, years, etc. Autophagy is a constant natural process. You could slightly stimulate it, but that's about it.
  11. Honestly, if you only have OEV, I'd just try to accept them, ignore them, etc. It seems like the general opinion is that that is the best. Stressing trying to find a "cure" that doesn't exists, could be way worse, stress is the worst. And adding more medications with its side effects, also worse. But that's just a bold opinion Best of luck anyway!
  12. "Stuck" for 12hs. Nothing to do with hppd. I hope you're referring to "autophagy" as the process that happens naturally in our bodies, and not to actually doing it consciously on a macro level... 🤣 Some anecdotes have reported benefits with more or less extreme diets or exercise... but anecdotes. if you want to give it a try, go ahead, but keep it SAFE! Some supplements that might help: https://www.reddit.com/r/HPPD/comments/aqzv06/lions_manenaccholinemagnesium/ Some prescription drugs that might help: http://hppdonline.com/topic/6012-most-commonly-used-medications/
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