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Hallucinations while falling asleep and perceptual changes

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This is a weird one. I'm still in the early stages, had HPPD for 2 months. Have most of the typical perceptual phenomena which I've pretty much accepted now.

The main thing I've been struggling with which I don't see alot of people talking about is the changes in daily perception. My conscience mind during the day is sweet and functioning but I get random intrusive thoughts and sensations pop up that feel alien, like they come from outside my mind.

Also sleep is a HUGE issue at the moment. I can be absolutely fine and relaxed while awake but when I'm falling asleep I'll start getting Hallucinations, sensory, visual and auditory. For example I'll "feel" my body shrinking and expanding and I'll hallucinate images/scenarios in my mind that are just downright bizarre, I'll hear voices speaking to me as well and all this is indistinguishable from reality until I wake and realize what was going on.

Dreams are ULTRA vivid, like I've never experienced dreams like this before, it's like an HD movie in my mind. Always weird things too that seen to tap into unconscious thoughts feelings and desires.

I think the worst part is that while asleep i feel a literal physical sense of pain and anguish. I'll wake up often in the night because of this sensation, heart pounding, thoughts racing. It's horrible.

Does anyone have insight and experience on this? I'm wondering, is this just an adjustment period due to anxiety or is this a permanent symptom that I need to get used to. Anyone had this alleviate over time?

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