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First hand experience healing

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A couple years ago I had a trip that completely wrecked me spiritually emotionally and even experienced somatic symptoms in the body like muscle soreness and what I have come to now call HPPD. I came back on here in hopes to give the advice that when I was on here a couple years ago needed to hear. You are not broken You are not going crazy. Your not stuck unless you wanna be  ,Psychedelics are powerful tools that amplify your awareness thus making you more aware of your shit. It is a sort of ptsd in a way. But not from the trip. You have inner emotions that have not been processed so you might have realized that life has traumatized you and your experience with drugs has pointed that out to you. I highly suggest looking into grounding,meditation and self reflection. FACE YOUR INTERNAL ISSUES and RELAXXXXX you gotta kick the system into heal mode. As you begin to heal your soul the HPPD seems to fade as if it were a signal to the font of your mind that there are deeper things that need attention. I do not suggest anything that alters your state of mind until you are flexable enough to travel to different headspaces without freaking out. Overall this experience for me has been the catalysts for my self discovery and it made me a real solid trust and relationship with myself. I look back and see all of it as a necessary part of maturing and grateful. It makes me sad to see how the anxiety of the mind moves people to grandiose diagnosis and other fear based theories. Take care of your self and heal my friends. Much love. GOOD NEWS. YOUR OKAY!

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