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Anyone try CBD for their palinopsia or visual snow?

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I've been reading up on a lot of different supplements, most don't seem to have solid evidence to ensure me they wont worsen my visual snow or palinopsia. I came across this article on CBD for visual snow related to migraines. Long story short, it mentions hyper excitability of neurons and how CBD (without THC) has been studied to help (If you've done as much reading as me you've probably come across something about hyper metabolism/excitability as a possible cause to HPPD symptoms).

Anyways, any one ever try CBD or HEMP? did it help or worsen your symptoms?   

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  • SS1 changed the title to Anyone try CBD for their palinopsia or visual snow?

I take CBD oil to help me fall asleep.  Not every day, but if my mind isn't shutting down at night it really helps.  It doesn't do anything for my visuals (good or bad).  I've never had visual snow.  Hope that helps.

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