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I was wondering if I have schizophrenia as opposed to HPPD. My symptoms are as follows: n

Numb head, and clenched jaw

Voices and visual hallucinations

Panic Attacks, and a tight chest

Delusional Thought

I thought that one of my friends was going to kill me, I was extremely delusional. I would see color on my walls. Suddenly, the walls of my room began to move in my vision as though I was on LSD again. I felt this liquid substance go down my spine, then I began to have a lucid dream/hallucinate in my mind. I began to hear loud voices in my head and see ghost visions of people I knew. The hallucinations subsided after a while, though eventually I went to the hospital and was put on antipsychotics which worked. I have tried LSD twice in my life. Once in the fall of 2016, and the other in the spring of 2017. I am kind of scared since my parents do not have schizophrenia and I have no family history of the disease so I assumed it was drug induced. Any help or feedback would be appreciated. 


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Hi and welcome,

People with HPPD do not have delusions and do not hear voices so I'm inclined to say yes, you have Schizophrenia, and you should speak to a Psychiatrist. In an instance like this anti-psychotics are not a bad idea, especially since you've been on them before and they worked. Although you say you have no family history of Schizophrenia, unfortunately with psychedelics, contrary to popular belief, you don't need to have a family history of X disorder in order to develop it from them. I feel the people that people that claim that those who end up with mental disorders from psychedelics have pre-existing conditions are those from the pro-psychedelic community who have no interest in taking such matters seriously...unless it happens to them.


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As Swartz says, it is not something associated with hppd, though I have experienced auditory hallucinations in the state just before sleep (and also when smoking weed).

Are the visuals mention something that comes and goes, or is constant?

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When HPPD is really bad, paranoia and high anxiety is definitely a symptom. I initially had paranoia that I knew was most probable to be illegitimate thoughts, granted they were. The paranoia eventually resolved to some degree, the anxiety never did, it was crippling.

Voices I never heard, that is more synonymous with schizophrenia, but HPPD sufferers typically reports a wide variety of symptoms, so its not impossible. 

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Psychosis can exist outside of Schizophrenia.  Having a psychotic episode doesn't necessarily mean you have Schizophrenia, however, sometimes Hullucinogens can trigger this in some vulnerable people.

 It's good to hear that the antipsychotics helped with your delusions and voices.  I wouldn't get hung up on terms, but would work with someone who is experienced in treating mental illness.  Schizophrenia comes with a number of other symptoms besides voices and delusions.


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