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Ghormeh Sabzi

Strange leg sensations (tingling, burning)

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welcome to my life... ive gotten everything from "it's neurological" to "you're just stressed out. calm the fark down" .. doesnt change the fact that my legs bouncity bounce bounce bounce alllll the time.. and that if i dont let them bounce (or move my fingers like i'm playing the piano) i get a buildup of vibration that increases until it becomes a throbbing stabbing pain.. and then bam.. muscle twitch


here's a thought though. the nervous system is ridiculously complicated. when I destroyed my shoulder it caused a dead nerve sensation to two of my fingers , the underside of my bicep, my thigh, and my pinky toe. i got the dead nerve feeling before i ever had any clue my cartilage was destroyed. would seemingly have nothing to do with each other, and 2 separate doctors told me it was absolutely impossible that my finger numbness had anything to do with my sore shoulder.. it wasnt until i went to a surgeon that wound up being one of the top shoulder surgeons on the east coast.. that he decided to take a dye injection mri of my shoulder and realized the cartilage was completely severed and the pressure caused from the grinding in the joint, against the nerve clusters in my shoulder blade.. was causing misfires along the whole line of nerves on the left side of my body.


if the mri isnt finding anything go eeg.. and if that can point to an area where the nerves arent sending signals properly... then find a specialist who will order a dye injection mri... they suck balls... seriously... the dye injection part was one of the worst experiences i've ever had in a doctors office and i've had at least 80 stitches in my head as well as having a hole in my skull repaired.. so thats saying something :\... but some issues a normal mri just cant find. I put the shoulder issue off for 2+years where i just mentally ignored any hint of pain, until it became blatantly obvious something was completely fucked... it sucks that some doctors just refuse to listen to patients who know their own bodies.. but when you hit a roadblock like that you find yourself a more open minded doctor. some just wont treat things that wont count as a positive treatment scenario (like knee surgeons who wont treat someone because there is only a 10% chance of improvement.. even if that 10% is enough of a chance for the patient) ... but when you get stuck with a doctor like that you get rid of that doctor

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Anyone get anything like this? Started around the same time as many of my other symptoms. It feels like a permanent graze on my buttocks and upper thighs. 


While one shouldn't be too quick to dismiss the "couple of disc bulges", since your peripheral nerve problems started at the same time as your HPPD, it indicates possible systemic distress on neurons - perhaps you would benefit from Thiamine Cocarboxylase http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/5027-thiamine-cocarboxylase/

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