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Started coughing today and I started seeing intense stars.  I've seen stars before while coughing or standing up or whatever throughout my life, but this was a real light show.  They were really bright and lasted for what had to be a solid 30 seconds.  I was concerned they weren't going to go away.  I've never seen it this intense before the onset of HPPD.

Anyone else had this happen?

In my mind this makes absolutley zero sense. I was under the impression that the mechanics behind seeing stars was purely physical and directly related to pressure on the eye itself (Which I had just been checked out by a Neuro Ophthalmologist).  

Could be completely unrelated.

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i've had these all my life, don't think it's hppd related. 

Coughing, standing up too quickly etc puts that pressure on the eye

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Appreciate the reply Jay.  I kinda figured I was overthinking it.  I'm still pretty new to this all and can get a little paranoid at times wondering if I've reached some kind of baseline or not.


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