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Hey, how are you doing?:) since when you got hppd?

i got this shit since one year, overnight from intelligent to dumb af, and I didn’t thought it can get worser..but so dumb how I was i made it chronic and the problems just turned bigger, no one really knows about it, they know something is going wrong with me, but how can I say heeey I got caught, to everyone? I aint gonna take my life..but you can just live alone, you can’t mess with normal peoples shit, so how ever get a woman? Etc..

you say years..I just started with my real treation since 2 weeks..so stopped smoking weed, my hppd turned so much worser since one month..since I took a half of tab ..just was 1 p lsd.. i know dumb af..since I stopped smoking weed it was a more depressed time since ever..for example now I feel a bit better than yesterday..the same I thought before a few days..and see what I wrote yesterday for example..I think if I had stopped everything after ive got hppd the first time..I would be nearly cured or there was a lot of hope..know I’m more like in a mild acid trip 24/7..get extremely headache in the back of my had after concentrating a bit.. ( concentrating a bit is for me also to concentrate for a normal conversation..just to follow..not able to respond good) So enaugh..

tell me about u..

how long do u have hppd ? what u have already done to get better ? How are you living now? 

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Hi germanuser!

Don't worry. So you just stopped smoking weed 2 weeks ago? Please do yourself a favor: If you can't stay sober, please, PLEASE search for addiction treatment. Otherwise you might become permanently worse. 

It's very important to stay sober for as long as possible (=forever!). You won't recover if you continue doing any drugs. 2 weeks is literally nothing. Even one year is not much time.

I have HPPD for 7 years now. I continued doing drugs after I got HPPD for about a year. BIG MISTAKE. Please DON'T do the same. I started feeling recovery 2 years after my last drug use. And now (5 years after last drug abuse) I feel like 80-90% of my symptoms are better. Often I can barely notice HPPD anymore, just when I concentrate on the symptoms. It doesn't affect me anymore and I am very glad about that.

I would still have full HPPD if I didn't stay away from any drugs (in my case including alcohol an cigarettes).

You can also talk to me in German via PM if you'd like to!

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