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Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) Support Forum
David S. Kozin

Completely New Take On Message Board - Test Site

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Essentially, the community does:

1: Introduce Themselves.
2: Comment and Share an Experience Relevant to an introduction.
3: Person asks questions (often repetitious, so it would be nice if suggested answers would be automatically included
4: People discuss mechanisms, medication and other topics that could be better and self organizing.
5: The board has lost 75% of activity in 2 years. 

My thought: 
1) Have a verified user control that can't be spoofed for users that are verified.
2) Allow for creation of Questions like Quora, Topics Discussions, or Posting (like Facebook)
3) Users can be anonymous for some things.
4) Sign up with e-mail/etc or use social media login's like Twitter, etc if you choose. 

This is a free version of Tribe, and much of the extra features are not provided, but it seems like posts here just get lost into limbo, so why not have it make some sense and things that are hot topics stay that way, and things that are not go away, but can be searched. Also, 






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