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I was going to write an introduction, etc. I don't have the energy now, but I do think it is VERY important that people with HPPD learn the truth about the amount of information that has existed out in the academic literature and why it frankly pisses me off that some researchers  see that since 1969 there has been a stable disorder of symptoms that account for our condition, but they ignore it or don't have the time or desire to invest in researching what came before. I have read over 100 articles for my undergraduate thesis, and luckily had access to all of the databases I needed. So, I was privileged . Ii want to share that with you. I want to do these in videos, but I haven't set that up yet. So, here is the first major paper on HPPD that literally covers every major point and gets it right:

Copy of horowitz_flashbacks (1).pdfCopy of horowitz_flashbacks (1).pdf












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Brilliant Job.

Too bad 50 years have gone by with virtually no attention paid to this problem. 

Its criminal...

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Thank you posting the article and for your comments. 

One thing to note, in the drug culture in the early 70s, "flasbacks" were thought to be nonsense.  They were portrayed in the media to be like experiencing a full dose.  I had never known of anyone who experienced anything like that.

We all realized that dosing made you experience the world differently once the dose wore off, but we thought it was limited to things like reevaluating your priorities in life.  I never heard of anyone discussing the permanent disabling symptoms of hppd.  If I had thought about it some, it should have been obvious.  There were certainly some acid "casualties" around.  We just assumed this was due to some underlying mental condition that had come to the surface.  

I wish the media had been honest about psychedelics.  We all thought the flasback danger was just a scare tactic.  Then again, I'm not sure I would have listened.  

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