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What song are you listening too?

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liz reed live by the allman brothers. the best version of one of my favorite instrumentals! just learned how to play it on guitar too. it's so jazzy and catchy god I love this song.


dance can't go on without the dj/youth are getting restless live by sublime. such an amazing jam with loud sick basslines.

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Ah man I love Sigur Ros. Favorite by them is Njosnavelin. Hoppipolla was the first I heard of them, one of their more popular songs I think, and just about anything by them was an amazing listen on shrooms. I liked Infected Mushroom a lot too. Their songs Converting Vegetarians and Artillery were amazing. Matisyahu - One Day always got me in a bright mood. Kinda depressing now with all the memories attached to the songs but I still listen to em erry now and then. One of my favorite songs at the moment is Saltwater Anthem by Oshen, can replay that song over and over for an hour or two some days.

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The Stooges- We Will Fall

Just flew away with this song. That's what I like abou HPPD sometimes... to just feel high without taking anything. But only when it's the right moment...

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