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Alcohol Triggering Flashbacks in a Weird Way

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I drank 3 shots of 7% alcohol at a friend's place  2 days ago (not a smart thing to do since I have HPPD but I wanted to see if a small amount of alcohol would cause problems), resulting in me feeling mentally foggy and 'out of it' compared to my usual self. My visuals are slightly more noticeable as well, but it's nothing debilitating. I expected to be fine after drinking such a small amount of low-percentage alcohol since I had drunk whiskey on a plane about 2-3 weeks prior and had no noticeable issues later on.

That isn't the main issue though. In the past 2 days, I've experienced a special type of flashback. Instead of visuals, my thigh muscles and head feel like they did when I was tripping, which I can only describe as slow-motion, warm and tingly.

I'm wondering if anyone else has symptoms like this, and if so, what kind of drug did you take?

I feel like the more details we document on this site, the better our chances of finding treatments for our symptoms based on a case by case basis. My HPPD first started from either acid or nBOME (I'm more inclined to think it was nBOME because of the harshness in the experience, don't try that stuff), and the symptom I've described above occurred once or twice after I took smaller hits of the same kind of 'acid' prior to my HPPD truly beginning. After my HPPD began, it happened maybe 1-4 times a week but slowed down until its eventual stop a few months later.

I hope this information is helpful to anyone that has taken nBOME or anything similar. Feel free to ask any questions or relay information, I plan on checking this website routinely. 

PS: Lay off all the substances, it's so much easier to deal with HPPD and the risk isn't worth rebounding as Jay has mentioned in previous posts. Even alcohol has the potential for worsening symptoms so be careful out there.

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I started to see Randomly colored dots Without doing drugs or alchohol/smoking ciggaretes which was the weirdest thing happend to me.

I am sober from 1 month and can't understand why almost 2 days i am looking arround and see these Dots... i was better when i smoke weed but now, i can't understand how my brain is working or is it because i was Sick wast week ...


I can only suggest you to stop all drugs and alcohol. That's the best option for now.

You can start taking medications which may help you feel better, there is info in the forum about them!

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