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Help, what do you think about these Symptoms?

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Hi, my name is Fernando, I'm from Argentina. 3 weeks ago I had an 'incident' with a marihuana brownie. I ate 2 slices, it was the first time I tried marihuana in brownies (I smoked sometimes in the week). An hour later, I had delirant ideas coming to me (fear, despersonlization, bad thoughts, fear to lose control). I was in a constant loop of fear during 3 hours. I had visual allucinations (red lines and dots). 

After the incident, I spent a week feeling afraid of everything, and with 2 panic attacks. I started therapy, and I'm feeling better now. However, I still think that I have any visual disorder since the incident. The lights seems more bright, and when I look around the light I see a kind of "waves". I dont know if its HPPD or just paying more attention to those details that I didnt see before. Should I go to an eye specialist? 

Thank you for reading. 

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Sounds like you had a panic attack, not uncommon with edibles.

Regarding visuals, hard to say if you are just paying extra attention to things because of the panic attack. Some people get hallucinations from weed, especially if they've done hallucinogens previously. 

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