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Has anybody ever proposed the idea that HPPD is actually just DMT being produced by the body at levels higher than we are used to? For those that don't know, the body produces natural DMT from multiple locations in the body such as the eyes, lungs, and pineal gland. I have been experimenting a lot with my HPPD, testing how it works and smoking lots of pot. I've found that my hallucinations have become so much stronger and more intense. The hallucinations are very psychedelic and only hit while I am high or very tired. Which I have also heard is a link to DMT being broken down in your body,  pinolin, coming from melatonin is thought of as a DMT booster? My experiences while high could look something like, very bright figures or animals coming along with a kaleidoscope of color and patterns. My highs are starting to look more and more like how people describe DMT trips, no longer this HPPD which came from doing LSD.I have also never had an LSD experience intense as these either. I still get very normal HPPD while sober with floaters and tracers but nothing too intense. I have not had any out of body experiences with my HPPD/+pot. But I do have these colorful shapes and kaleidoscopes as i have said before, and its not like how in a trip how things form to the wall or whatever surface there is behind it. They just form where ever they like and all over the place in what seems like their own plane of existence. And I can see both my normal surroundings and these at the same time. I have also gotten the experience where getting extremely high in a short amount of time can make my pov almost freeze over with a slight glowing color going over all of it and my vision becomes almost crystallized, way past the point of the normal visual snow or static effect. Has anyone else thought about this or maybe been through similar experiences?

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Got no experience of DMT but melatonin seems to make my HPPD worse.

I get kaleidoscope like CEVs when rubbing my eyes. Starts with my Visual Snow going crazy, and then kaleidoscope/vortex like triangles.

My 2 cents.

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