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Cant deal with DP/DR Please help

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Last week has been hell. Taking olanzapine which triggered an lsd panic attack and then hppd has been the worst decision of my life.

I need something to relieve from DP/DR

Please help....

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Pulling yourself together when you're having severe hppd symptoms is not easy to say the least.  You know yourself better than anyone.  What pursuit in life makes you feel well, requires your focus, and motivates you?  Find what that is and give it all you got.  For me, idle hours in my life made my symptoms worse because I was focused on them.  Shift that focus to something that naturally makes you feel well and requires your focus.  An earlier post suggested meditation.  It's a practice that has helped me immensely.  However, it can take a while before you realize the benefits.  In the near term, exercise can be helpful.  Healthy body, healthy mind.  I realize that getting motivated can be near impossible when you're feeling trapped with this disorder.  Start small and do the best you can.

I have no experience with medications, so I can't comment on that. 

Hang in there, do the best you can, and never give up.  

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