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Eye Problem

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Hello people,

I need your help finding if anyone had or has this issue.

I have this issue for like 8 years, and went several doctors but no one discover what it is. They say my eyes are healthy. I've done MRI and no problems too..

SO the problem is: I kinda see ghosts in images and stuff. Here is a perfect image of what it is ( See it upside down, vertical ghosting) : https://i.imgur.com/IHWBflS.png I see more than this. It's very noticeble at night, during the day I barely notice. If i'm indoor I can notice more.The more far i am from for example this letter, the more ghost I see. The closer I am, less I see.

Can anyone pls tell me what is this stuff ?

Thanks guys

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I have the same problem, which came at the same time as I got VS/HPPD. First I was unable to see what you meant with the picture because I thought it was my own ghosting.

The medical term is diplopia.

My eyes are healthy too and MRI is clean.

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    • By Shadowplay
      I noticed this on a random event and got pretty excited about it because it's quite beautiful and very interesting.
      I was eating with my family when the light of a candle was starbursting me heavily. Suddenly I started to having strong visuals within the starburst itself. I thought it was floaters at first, but this was totally different, and the shapes were mathematically correct and a pattern was obvious to notice.
      Today when the sun came out, it gave me a huge starburst and I gave this phenomena another try. By relaxing and having your eyes on the light in the starburst itself the pattern appears.
      After some research I found out that what I'm seeing is my own photoreceptor cells. That is incredible and it's unlikely BFEF or floaters something that you can normally see, unless you got HPPD I guess.
      Here are some pictures of photoreceptor cell cones which is the pattern I'm seeing within the starbursts:
      I don't know what users that see geometrical patterns on walls and skies etc are seeing as I don't experience that. But could this be related?
      Also, wouldn't neuro-opthamologists be interested in patients that can see their own photoreceptors? I can't find a single example online of a similar report.
      If you do suffer from starbursts, please see within it and check if you also can see your photoreceptors.
    • By eljacy
      This is going to sound quite bizarre, but in my field of vision, I can see, which I can best describe as static/noise/particles/energy etc wherever I look, but depending on what I like at, the stronger and more intense it is.. For example if I look at some reflective metal or a mirror, its not there at all.
      Recently, I was looking at train tracks as the trains were nearing, and it was extremely intense, almost as if I could see the energy from it or something, I could still see the track perfectly clearly, it wasn't blurred or anything, but I saw 'energy' or coming from it. 
      Its not floaters as i've heard about that and I don't get flashes or see dark spots etc. I don't wear glasses, and have had my eyes tested when I was about 13 and it was all fine apparently. I  don't do drugs and my vision is perfectly clear but if I really try, I can see this thing I have described. I've had this as early as I can remember but only recently i've been able to describe what I'm seeing. 
      Many thanks,
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