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HPPD and anxiety-related high blood pressure

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I just wonder if any of you guys suffering from HPPD ever experienced disturbing physical (or let's say psychosomatic) symptoms like an increase in blood pressure, especially while having a panic attack or dp/dr? 

Personally I started to have this like a year ago, i. e. back when my whole HPPD story actually began. And now I take some psychiatric medications with sedative effect to deal with that. I just hope that the psychogenic hypertension will go away as soon as my HPPD is over completely.. 

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Yes!  I used to have a terrible time with my blood pressure.  It was all over the place.  I bought an accurate BP kit ages ago.  Sometimes it would be normal.  Sometimes something as simple as a stressful thought could send it through the roof.  At the doctor's office it was always really high.  I've had my heart imaged twice because the doctor thought it was going to explode ( it was fine).  So, for years it was a problem.

What helped?  (Here I go again), daily meditation practice.  When I refused the BP meds, my doctor sent me to an eight week meditation training (evenings).  I stuck with the practice and now my BP is fairly stable.   

Daily exercise has helped as well.  I also think avoiding the industrial diet has helped too.

I still have the issue to some extent, but it has mellowed considerably.  Age has something to do with that.  


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