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Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) Support Forum

Hello fellow fighters, looking for friends with similar problems when shit gets tough

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Hello there,

My name is Ashley, I'm from the north of England. I have currently had HPPD for about four years BUT it has only been present for about 9 months of that time. Weirdly enough and rather bloody annoying, my HPPD which consists of seeming cartoonish dragons and demons on surfaces everywhere, goes and then it likes to pop up back. For example I am writing now as its came back from about two years ago. I remember thinking of my life with HPPD and remember how nightmarish it was and how unimaginable it was to be living like that but hey hoe here I am again.

Unfortunately I do like to take ketamine and cocaine at the weekend with my party friends and am now thinking it was probably a terrible idea lol. ( I have now stopped this since it came back)

I don't really like thinking about the whole thing as I think to think about IT makes it at the front of my mind and the way I have dealt with it and got rid of it before is to ignore it (it actually works, the more you ignore and don't think about it, I know its really flipping hard, but serious it goes away).


So my friends and family all know I have this and now they all know its came back which is a comfort but they don't actually know how flipping horrible it is. I would love to be able to chat to people who are going through this shit, send tips and tricks, ways to DEAL.

Please please contact me if you are likeminded in thinking this also.

from a slightly (INCREDIBLY) anxious Ashley xxxx

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Welcome.  I have similar visuals.  If I look at grass, sidewalks, textured ceilings, carpets, etc. I see animal shapes, faces, Aztec glyphs, and a lot of weirdness in between.  My visuals are always in motion, shifting, changing, and if I stare, they get more complex.

I've learned to live with it, though there are times that it can be very distracting. 

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Welcome to the forum. Glad to hear that you are stopping the ketamine and coke. Ket is (was) my fave drug, but it is really bad for hppd, it put my visuals into overdrive.

As for tips, staying away from drugs is the big one, but also avoid getting drunk (a few beers is ok for most here, not all), be careful with caffeine, generally try to avoid stress wherever possible, eat healthy, work out, try to do things that take your mind off it all.

Are you taking any meds? 

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