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Hello, I’m making this topic to share my HPPD experience, where I am today and to see if anyone has had the same experience as me.

I believe I first got HPPD when I took too much MDMA, I was 4 pills down (very stupid) when I started to feel off. It was a bad feeling all through out my body. I started seeing these spirals of colour in my vision and kept feeling like I was going to pass out. It got so bad that I was going to call an ambulance but my friends convinced me not too. Ever since then I’ve had fairly mild symptoms with a small amount of visual snow (barley noticeable in the light but is visible when sat in a dark room or when looking at the sky at night) and also eye floaters. That was about 3 or 4 months ago though. Ever since then I have continued to smoke weed but only once every couple of days. Whenever I smoke weed my symptoms become worse such as the visual snow increases slightly but that’s about it. My symptoms haven’t seemed to worsen and they seem to be getting better but just very slowly. I know people on here will say to stop smoking weed but with literally everyone single one of my friends smoking it I find it almost impossible to stop. 

Does anyone else smoke weed with HPPD and will it be ok to carry on the way that I’m going?

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Good morning. Well, if i was you, i will stop smoking weed or smoke with less frequency. Some here a lot of time later, like some months or years, got the symptoms worst by the weed. But, each one is different, i have a friend that have Visual snow and other problems but he smokes weed and during the effects, his visual snow decreases. God, gods or the universe bless you!


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