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Nutmeg and physical pain, my experience of HPPD

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Hey all, my name is Lucas and I'm french, I'm 22 years old.

I started doing psychedelics 4 years ago, but if I remember correctly it's an heavy period of MDMA/Ectsasy use that earned me HPPD.

It was nothing too spectacular, visual snow + halos around lights, I thought nothing about it. It worsened when I took drugs and got better when I didn't for a while. Really not that much of a problem.

But 2 years ago I did nutmeg just to see what was the effect of it, i took a fair amount (about 2 little bottle of grounded numteg). Since this day nothing has ever been like before. My HPPD worsened a lot, I know have strong afterimages, strong visual snow, blurry vision, eyes and mouth dryness, memory issues, reading is more difficult and also I have a lingering pain in, between, and around the eyes.

It's debilitating.It ruins my life. I can do with all this shit but the pain is too much, it's 24/7 since 2 years.

 Of course like many I think, I did all the exams in the world, which you guessed it all came back fine. It's only since recently that I started to make the connection between HPPD and my symptoms, I know usually people don't feel physical pain due to it but it seems in my case to be linked with the other symptoms.

Numteg is an anticholinergic delirant. After hours and hours and hours of researching the internet I found on this forum that many people were discussing the link between acetylcholine and HPPD. 

Anticholinergic toxicity is always acute, but there are many similiaities between it and HPPD : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anticholinergic

I think maybe a high dose of anticholinergic drug on people who already have a mild case of HPPD can worsen it dramatically.

I will delve on this forum more to gather information and talk about all that to my neurologist, I hope she ever heard of HPPD before or it will be fastidious lol


Good luck to you all :)

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17 hours ago, iancurtis said:

Have you tried pro cholinergic supplements/nootropics?

I tried Alpha GPC Choline and CDP Choline whit no real effect but I will tale them again along with Lion's Mane as some people saw improvement from it

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17 hours ago, Harryhor said:

The same thing happened to me, exacly the same thing.. im also just 22. But we are going to get better. I had maby the worst day of my life today on my hppd

You did nutmeg too and you feel pqin around the eyes ???

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