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Medications for starburst and halos

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I was just curious so I thought I'd post an inquiry about this. Does anyone have experience with any medications which have helped with diminishing the starburst, halos, streaks of light? Especially those at night you see around streetlights and car lights. It's very bothersome and is actually getting worse for me. I currently take Clonazepam as a PRN which helps quite well for decreasing after-images but does nothing in terms of the bright lights. I am hoping to find something to help as it really makes it hard to walk, drive or do basically anything outside at night. A new symptom that has become very irritating is that of a glitter-like effect in the snow. When i walk at night during the winter this year, everywhere where there is snow (which is basically my entire field of vision) its like looking at shimmering glitter particles that reflect every single light into my vision like flashes of light. If anyone has any experience with helpful medication for this, any comments to this post would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

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