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Intranasal Insulin

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I'm kind of surprised no one has ever tried this or brought it up on this forum! I'm having a hard time finding any serious downsides to the stuff. It is purportedly fantastic for increasing memory/mood. I went to a doctor a while back who wanted me to use it but was going to charge me a fortune for it. I didnt take his offer and didnt think much about it until i stumbled across an article about a guy who says you can make it yourself with insulin you can buy at walmart for $25.





anyone ever tried it?

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Might also help with visual snow. Here's an anecdotal report of someone who had her visual disturbances improved by daily intranasal insulin intake. The downside is that she reported it returned full blown upon cessation of the insulin


First, I must address the effect it has had on my visual snow. Before I was taking the insulin, the snow was so bad I could sometimes hardly see. I would walk around in a haze, constantly dealing with the grainy, pixelated downpour that made simple tasks appear psychedelic. Not only is the visual snow a reminder of days I'd rather have behind me; it is a reminder that there is something wrong with my cognition. It is like a manifestation of my problems in an undeniable, visual form. That's probably not scientifically valid, but it is a complex that I have. Since the insulin, the snow has decreased by at least 50%. I can now go about my day normally (by visual standards at least). I can forget that I am seeing things differently than everyone else and just focus on what is in front of me. It's barely noticeable during the day, even though at night it is still pretty strong. (By night I mean dark. In the dark there is no background to dull the appearance of the visual snow.) Still, it's pretty great.

Check the full thread here: https://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/89360-intranasal-insulin-dihexa-log/page-2#entry796569

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Thanks thelostreceptor! Great find. I've always been more keen on finding solutions to the emotional/cognitive strains HPPD puts on me but I would never turn down a chance to get rid of some of the visual snow I have. 


I started my first day of INI today and so far have nothing to report. I may feel a bit sharper though. Less brain fog. I can read much faster than normal as well. My mood seems to be relatively the same. Perhaps with continued usage i'll see more in that department.


I took about 60 units today. Will report more as the experiment progresses.

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Yup! I don’t take INI everyday. I tried for the first bit but it felt kinda like it lost efficacy? Or I just got used to it? Either way I just take it 1-2 times a week now. Still works great. One of my favorites in the arsenal. I really save it now for when I need to be social. It’s a wonderful social lubricant. 


I would take it le it more often but I figure if I don’t need to, why not stagger? Seems like a good idea. Don’t want downregulation on my insulin receptors. There’s long term studies coming out soon as well that should say whether it’s okay to take it everyday for long periods of time. So for now, without that info, I’ll stick with what I know is safe—short term daily dosing or once or twice every week. 

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