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Feeling much better.

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Been taking lexapro 10mg,  lamotrigine 200mg, and 2mg Ativan  daily. Last night I snorted 8mg of Ativan and 1mg of xanax and 30mg of oxycodone. I feel way better today and visuals way down. Hoping my doctor will increase my lorezapam or switch me to Xanax to keep up the healing. 

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Holy moly thats allot of ativan. Be careful, blacking out on benzos on those kind of dosages is common, and once you blackout, there's no telling what you will do. I wound up in jail one night because I took a xanax that had more than the advertised amount in it and assaulted someone. To this day I have absolutely no recollection of anything that happened that night.

Also I urge you to use caution taking benzos, I got hooked on xanax a number of months back, my supply ran out and I almost had several seizures, and proceeded to go into the worst withdrawal symptoms of my life which lasted for a few weeks.

It won't take long for you to become desensitized to benzodiazepines if you use them on a regular basis, and once that happens, its already too late - your hooked.


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