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Naltrexone - Success

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Hey guys, so my keppra trial had a very abrupt ending. I tried to introduce lamotrigine into the mix, which caused both meds to give me a muscle movement disorder. I had to stop taking keppra immediately, which was a painful withdrawal.


Anyways, was started on naltrexone 50mg a day (it's fucking expensive - $270 for 30 days) 

But anyways, it only took 3 days of dosing 50 mg every morning for me to notice the immediate and immense effect it has had on my hppd.


My DP/DR are gone entirely, and my visual symptoms have separated themselves from my DP/DR, meaning my visuals don't even bother me anymore.


I love how it only took me 3 days to notice the effects. I guess I owe props to that one guy who's account name is "naltrexonewonderdrug4me" ?

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Wait what was the muscle movement disorder like? I’ve been using naltrexone for a few months now at v low doses and I recently added a few doses of memantine into the mix. And I had to stop all meds since I started getting spasticity problems REAL bad. I’ve been adding things in slowly to try and figure out what it was but if you’re right maybe it was the naltrexone and memantine combination? 



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@Onemorestep it seems for me that I only get really bad muscle movement disorders/spasticity issues from lamotrigine.


Feels allot like having restless leg syndrome except in every muscle in my body. It's bad enough that it gets to the point that I can violently jerk in a kneejerk type reaction unless I get some valium in me.


I will say this though - I really need to stop posting threads as im all over the place in terms of my meds. I winded up stopping naltrexone as here in Canada it's $285 a month, which is just too expensive for me. It also made me manic to the point I'd be up for 3 days at a time.


I ended up waiting for the muscle movement side effects to subside completely and started taking keppra again as it's covered under my health care plan. Im also on 2mg of Abilify to quell some of my schizzoaffective - ish side effects that I've been having.

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