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How long for HPPD to go away?

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Hi I'm new on this forum, and I have a question. I took LSD about 18 times in 6 months, smoked weed daily during that period and for 4 years prior (although now I've stopped all drugs, including alcohol). My last trip was in May, although some of the visual effects have persisted. I wonder, has taking all that acid once every week or two for 6 months caused permanent HPPD, or is it reversible? The effects don't seem to have gone away at all.

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It's hard to say.  For some, full recovery.  For me, not so lucky.  Taking acid for a while can change you.  The way you see the world, your place in the universe, and unfortunately some of us are stuck with less desirable results.  Each of us is different so I don't know how long it will take for the visual abnormalities to moderate or dissapear.  I think continuing to stay clean is the best first action you can take.  Move forward with your life, stay focused, and don't give the visuals too much attention.

Not much of an answer I realize.  

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