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Light Flickering, NEED HELP!

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Hi guys, 3 weeks ago I had a bad mushroom trip, where I thought I the world wasn't real and had bad panic attacks, I even was suicidal. At the end of the trip I saw a flickering light in the middle of my vision, even though it was night time by then.

Then two weeks later I thought I had recovered from the bad trip and felt fine, but then the flickering came back. It looks like a light buld that is broken. The light flickers vor 2 second jumps up and down and then stops. It gives me so much anxiety.

Also when I look at objects the edges vibrate. Colours also look very bright and the surface reflects the light way too much.

Do you think this will go away? And has anybody else have these symptoms, especially with the flickering lights.

I'm so depressed because of it, even more than before the mushroom trip, which was the reason I did them :(

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Yes I have the flickering too, especially when I shine a bright light after being in the dark.

I also see what you mean by vibrating, it happens too.

Just stay away from drugs and stimulants in general. It will subside eventually.

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