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Cure ? 95% recovery back.

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So hi there people.

Had hard hppd for 3 months . it disabeled me to function normal. And it was really frustrating.

By hard, i mean that I do really felt like tripping continously for 3 months.

Thank god i did not do anithing stupid mean while.

The story is long , crazy, and really really weird. 

I will explain it in detail soon when I have the time and will to do so.

But by now Im going to tell you what got me out of it.

I started taking Chlorine Dioxide. MMS. Master Miracle solition.

While taking it, i got really really sick! This is called a Herxheimer reaction. But after the sickness went of, the week in from full blown tripping, went to 90back.

2 week and is almost 100 % back.

Is just that maybe the experience changed me somehow and the way I percieve the world that I feel like not exactly like before again. But Im ok with that. Now Im pretty fuctional, and can develop a normal life and enjoy life again.

So that fucking dope!

When I was experiencing that at the moment thought I wouldn't come back ever again. + My time perception was really altered, so go figure. And i do really experienced it as a psychosis. It wasnt fun.

But daddy is back!

Mean while, you can check out about MMS in the page of the discoverer , Jim Himble, JimHumble.is . Do not listen to any mass media what it has to say about it. Check out Testimonies of people that have used it , and of people that have used it. Is the most reliable source of information. There is many controversy on the use of this thing for treating diseases, for obvious reasons. But I will not enter into that.

Just look up people that have used it and listen to what they have to say.

If someone talks but has not tried it, discard that opinion.

Simple as that.


Interestingly, mms has testimones of people reversing autism, parkinson, alzheimer and a list of others, and it goes well with depression too

So maybe all this has something to do.

I do really feel here we have something big.

I just decided to give it a try and it worked. Didn't expect that. I just was desesperated for improving somehow my condition that i tried everything to calm down my suffering.


I will continue telling the story soon. By now, check about that, soon ill be back!

If you have mms hanging around home , and have hppd, and you can give it a try, let me know what it does to you!



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I am on probation now and have not smoked for a while. Things just don't add up.  My hppd is 4 years now and it's going away slowly but surely.  It's going away it's at the point now where I don't really think about it too muchmuc

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On my bad trip at the onset I told myself that i would be tripping forever and wrote it down but now I finally am finding it in me to believe otherwise

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presumably if you have a baggage of chronic infections you will have a lot of inflammation which would make hppd worse and maybe prevent your brain from healing/returning to balance; if mms does do what it says then maybe that is what happened to you.  Due to my brain fog prior to taking mushrooms i think i probably had something inflammatory going on, which i have partly cleared out with supplements like nac tho underlying hppd does not change.  However, i may give this stuff a try tho am a bit nervous about drinking bleach medicinally.

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jesus tho he is trying to flog a cheap chemical, on offer, for nearly $100 a bottle!  You can get that shit for a tenth the price and probably better manufactured if you get it as a standard water purification product.  And the dmso he is punting is also a rip off.  Buy msm instead for a fraction of price, as similar trans dermal properties.

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Exactly, that is exacty what I thought it was happening to me somehow.

I gave it a try because I knew it helped with autism alzheimer parkinso,so i thought , well, maybe it has something to do with.


And dont be afraid, ive taken chlorine dioxide not once nor twice, but many many times, ive lost the count, and even in enema forms. It only has helped me. Maybe it makes you feel a little down, but latter you feel much better. It can give you diarrea, but thats known as a herxheimer reaction, and is because patogens are diying in your body, and your body is trying to get rid of them, and from the toxic substances they leave when they die.


I know that drinking chlorine sounds awkward, but the fact is that works. Just do the research. There is a book called MMS Heath and Recovery Guidebook, by JimHumble ( its discoverer, check ot his page, jimhumble.is) and is really helpful in understanding the basics of how it works.

And keep in mind that chlorine dioxide isnt chlorox bleach. The chemical substances are diferent structuraly and their properties are very diferent.

Hope this helps somehow, and if you try it, report back on how it went. 

But please, report with all the details, the time you did it, the protocol you followed, and so on. 

It is really important.

The way of taking and following the instructions is what matters for it to cure stuff. One intake just does nothing.




Edit: Lol, it costs me 20$ a kit and yeah, is sold as water purification kit. And it lasts for long time. Is super cheap.

Where are you getting those prices from?

I also know you can get 5 litters dmso for 50 bucks on amazon also.


Msm ? Ill check that, sounds interesting

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I used protocol 1000 first 3 days , but i served my self with 15 drops doses sometimes after those 3 days, lets say twice a day,  because I felt how rapidly I was improving, and just wanted to experiment. Meanwhile, followed protocol 1000, plain and simple.

For the administration of 15 drops doses used capsules and plenty of water.


Jaggermaister, just think, what do I win by doing such a scam ?

Simply nothing


I'll try to find some time this thursday|friday and tell you the whole story in great detail.

Is one great of a story, so get your asses ready.


Peace out!

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That sound very dangerous and stupid. Why everytime someone comes with a 90% cure solution, they sound really super insane ? 

Ingesting bleach can burn your stomach and intestine, you'll end up in emergencies and may die....

phony website also, just to make you purchase that book...

There is a more accurate info about that scam


"Jim Humble is wanted in Malawi Africa and other African countries surrounding it, and has at least two arrest warrants out for him, regarding the poisoning and death of several people who have died due to taking this procedure and giving them false information. On his websites he is careful not to say it cures just helps conditions, but in Africa he says it does cure all, the problem is he has been saying it cures everything from aids to hep and more, these peoples immune systems are already compromised so if they take this in heavy doses they become very ill or die!"

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I think this is the typical user who do spam on different disease's phorums of their "miracles cures", no matter what disease it is. So, it's a scam, I guess. I'll say sorry if it is not.

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