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This is a compound I haven’t seen a whole lot about on this forum. Years ago, I read pretty much the entire longecity thread about it and was surprised more of us didn’t try it as it appears to promote healing in the hippocampus at least. 


I probably would have tried it back then had I been able to find an easy and reputable source. The patent holder was really shutting things down.


and then, very much by accident, I stumbled across it on the irc.bio website and immediately ordered both the sulfate and freebase. It was kind of an impulse decision, as I’m not even sure I’m going to take it. I just couldn’t help myself as I’m kind of a collector of strange supplements and medications at this point. 


Anyway, if anyone is interested in trying it, it’s there for the taking. Pretty sure irc Bio is closing it’s doors soon though due to increased laws about SARMs and that’s 75 percent of their business.

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I also want to state this is a pretty high risk compound in my opinion, As with anything that permanently changes the structure or function of the brain.


but... it is FASCINATING. I mean dig around a bit on the internet. The user reports are about as novel as I’ve ever seen. For gods sake one Australian man actually became a genius from using NSI-189. His memory recall is at levels that actually scare me—he says he can tell you what he had for lunch everyday for the last two weeks. 


While this is out there, and available, MoA is speculation at best. Cant forget this....


really this compound just just makes me really interested for what the future of pharmacology and brain science holds. 

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