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Best medication options

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So about a month ago I took DXM for the first time and it gave me severe hppd. The only way I feel sane is on Risperdal that I take everyday. I’m wondering what the best option is for an anti anxiety med that will help with my symptoms. I’m basically still tripping a month later on DXM and I need help.

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My first bout with hppd came from DXM actually. I had no idea what this disorder was back then though. Honestly I just waited until I felt better and sometimes with this disorder the best thing to do in the beginning is to try and let your brain heal itself and abstain from all street drugs.


all of them. 


And sleep.


HPPD can take a long time to get better but you should wait until your recovery has flatlined before trying to nudge things along. Otherwise you might do more harm than good.


that being said, you can always adopt a healthier lifestyle to try and speed things along. Eat healthy, go to the gym, socialize, start a new hobby, learn to play an instrument, etc.


its not easy for me to say this as I’m a huuuuge supporter of medications in hppd... but at the beginning your brain is in such chaos there’s no real way for anyone to make an educated guess about what’s going to help. Sometimes, before things settle down, you can even have negative reactions to things that do work later down the road. 

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