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I do not know if it's HPPD or Lyme disease?

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Hi. I have no idea if I have HPPD or I have HPPD through Lyme disease. It started in 2015 in June. Earlier, I was under severe stress by a psychiatrist and drugs that destroyed me. At the end of June 2015, I discontinued Truxal (chlorprotrixen). And I started taking herbal medicines, 5 HTP and melatonin for sleeping because I could not poison this medicine anymore. After a few days when I went to sleep, I got a wavy line and my head was arbitrarily thrown back. I felt strangely at night. When I woke up I saw a lot of floaters. Hell has begun. I got a lot of stress. I do not remember if I smoked marijuana before. But after that I smoked marijuana but I was always unable to enlist. When the floaters were formed, I got conjunctivitis in a few days. I got drops and you're allergic. The inflammation went a bit, but it's not over. Later it was only worse. In August I fell ill with pneumonia. I had a terrible strong cough ... at night I suffocated ... antibiotics did not help much ... I did not have a cold. Then the hell started ... my stomach ached and I had cold sweats. I was lying half-conscious ... as under anesthesia. My head was so heavy that I could not keep my head upright. There was a brain fog, derealization, de personalization, problems with concentration and memory, stiff and strained muscles, visual snow. My eyes started to fester very much, they were burning and scratching. My eyes have been festering for two years. Lists from the eye were made. Nothing came out of the study. I was taking a lot of anti-allergy drops, antibiotics, steroids that did not help either.




What are my symptoms now: visual snow, bfep, eyes are dry and very painful are like tense, floaters, bfep, tense abdominal muscles which hurt a lot, temple pain, I do not feel like eating, lack of libid, diarrhea, undigested food, stiffness chic and back, tight muscles of the whole body, high pressure, sweat, hair loss, terrible seborrhoea, numbness of legs and hands, derealization, de personalization, brain fog, psychomotor anxiety, anxiety, strong depression, insomnia, agitation and fatigue, aggression attacks, my head was supposed to explode, strong eyes ache, views, taste and smell disorders, dementia, photophobia, bfep, CEV, floaters, photopsy, nyctalopia, halos, glare, ghosting, pulsating vision, flicker of vision, loss of sensitivity to contrast, visual glow / visual stress, body shaking,very dry eyes


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I had Lyme disease.  Fortunately it was caught early.  It can cause a lot of problems but I doubt it would cause visual hallucinations like I have.  I started to get joint pain but that's about it. 

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So you were experiencing severe stress (and anxiety I presume...the two kind of go together) and then you saw a wavy line and started experiencing all the symptoms of hppd?

Isn't it strange how floaters were already there but with...HPPD...we suddenly see them or more of them? It's almost as if something happened to constrict the blood vessels in our eyes and dilate our pupils and narrow our focus so that we could scan the environment for certain phenomena.

I don't know what that phenomena would be but the selective attention it produces sure is interesting.

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