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Can’t handle this much longer

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Good to hear that your HPPD isn’t too bad and that you are recovering. DP/DR is probably the worst symptom, so good to hear that’s gone (with me for the most part also but sometimes it comes back). You’ll get used to the moments when it gets more noticeable. I have tinnitus (not very bad) for many years now (long before the HPPD came) and at first i couldn’t sleep because of it but now it doesn’t bother me at all anymore.

I think the steps you are taking to let it heal are good, you’ve found your triggers. Never using drugs again is a very good step. Even caffeïne or nicotine can worsen HPPD very bad (speaking from experience unfortunately..).

To answer your questions:

I don’t take thiamine, so don’t know if it helps. There are a lot of supplements and/or meds that potentially can help but what works for one can not work for another or worsens another one. If you want to go the supplement/med route, i advise you to visit a doctor (best is one who knows HPPD, but they are can be hard to find). Experimenting with supplements / meds is a bad idea with HPPD in my opinion, because your brain is much more sensitive to substances than before and you can’t know before what will trigger you and what will help.

My main triggers are:

- stress / anxiety

- any kind of stimulants, can even be adrenaline wich is produced by the body itself. Very important for me to stay calm haha.

- work / rest balance is very important to me because when i work too much my symptoms get worse, i have to get enough rest every day (everyone does but i need more than a “normal” person).

I can’t say that there are kinds of food that trigger me, so i don’t take a special diet. Just trying to eat healty from day to day, sometimes i eat unhealty but don’t notice that it triggers me.

Last advice:

This is not to scare you or make you feel bad, but i want to warn you. My HPPD wasn’t very bad at first but did get a lot worse over the years because i didn’t know my triggers and didn’t listen to my body. At least for the next few years(!) you have to monitor yourself to make sure your symptoms aren’t getting worse again, and stay off everything that triggers you. You can’t drink a coffee or smoke a sigarette (if these are triggers) if you aren’t recovered, so don’t. I got a very bad relapse due to nicotine.

Your steps to recover are good, so i think if you keep doing that and look out for yourself every day, you can make a pretty good recovery. There will be some symptomes left but you’ll learn to live with it.

All the best!

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Hi, I didn't know adrenaline could be a trigger tho. I'm going to pay more attention how I feel after the gym haha. I don't know if there is any doctor who knows hppd in Brazil, and if there is it must be really expensive haha, so maybe just waiting and beeing healthy can be the solution in this case. I'm taking thiamine because of the depoiments and It's something necessary for brain health, I haven't found any side effects related to it. But of course, if I noticed any side effects I would stop taking it.

And also didn't know u had it for so long (years), nice to see you reached so far.

Anyway thanks for the advices, and update us about your improvements!

Good recorver 4 everyone

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Hey guys,

Apologies for the extreme late response, i don't visit this forum a lot because it's not very good for my mental health to keep reading about HPPD. Unfortunately i'm worse now than i was when i last posted here. However, i can deal with it a lot better and i think (and learned) spikes are part of HPPD, so i know now this won't last forever and things will get better again. My mindset has improved a lot thanks to therapy and some forum members. Hopefully over the years i will be slowly improving. I'm still on the same treatment as i described before, which makes (HPPD) life a lot easier.

@Gabriel S.D: How u doing now? Any improvements? Adrenaline (or any kind of other stimulants made by the body) can indeed be a trigger, so avoiding stress as much as possible is a good thing to do. Going to the gym is always good for anyone's health and if it triggers HPPD a little bit, i wouldn't give up the gym because of that. Have you experienced exercise makes your symptoms worse?

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Hi Johan. I'm sorry for your peak, but nice that you can deal with it better now. I hope this peak ends asap!

I'm getting a bit better now, thanks :). I haven't noticed any changes in my symptons related to exercising. I think the atmospheric pressure make some changes in the symptons (less pressure = symptons worse) but I don't know if this was just a coincidence.

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