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Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) Support Forum
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HPPD and weed experience

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I quit smoking weed 3-4 months ago because I developed HPPD, I tried it again tonight just to see what would happen. And I say it's a no go. My dp/dr is very intense , Worst it's ever been. Also have muscle tension. Head tension very badly. Visuals are way worse , my vision is super blurry and the worse static I've ever had. Panic attacks/hyperventilating and it feels like theres a million pounds on my chest. Very paranoid. And tinnitus is worse. 

So if you're thinking about smoking weed with HPPD I wouldn't recommend it. Not only does it make symptoms worse but you can also get HPPD from smoking weed based on studies and stories I've read. So how can you recover if your smoking weed while you have HPPD. For sure will never be doing it again. 

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Satiate or indica, I can't touch it.  I get panic attacks, paranoia,  my visuals go through the roof, and my thinking seems alien.  Strange thing is, I have friends who dosed as much as I did and they have no problems with cannabis.  Then again, they never got hppd.  

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