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People's faces

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I've heard a lot of talk about people not being able to look others in the face. What's uncomfortable about it/what do you see?

Since inhaling passive weed smoking a month back I think I'm beginning to understand what people mean...certainly a trippy vibe about the faces.

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I remember certain psychedelics used to do that.  One in particular DOM (aka STP) would make it impossible to look anyone in the eye.  It wasn't paranoia really.  It was deeper than that.  It's the sense of being too exposed once your social armor falls away.  I think some of that lingers after long term psychedelic use.  Did for me anyway.  I've found MJ is the worst  the handful of times I've indulged since I stopped using.  I can't talk or interact with anyone.  I just keep a sober albeit altered mind. 

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