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Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) Support Forum
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How has your HPPD progressed?


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  1. 1. In the absence of further drug use, how has your HPPD progressed?

    • Stayed the same at a "baseline"
    • Gotten better but not resolved
    • Gotten better and resolved completely
    • Gotten worse

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At the time of leaving the drugs are in a baseline, you have to take advantage of giving sports to strengthen the mind so I was progressing I am allowed alcohol but weed returns me to a starting point, asbtenerse of all drugs and leave to run that will get better for you

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Got much better in ten months but has not resolved yet. I consume alcohol and caffeine again, it doesn't affect my symptoms a lot anymore.

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A fucking nightmare shitshow atm.

For some reason I keep getting better, then getting worse, then getting better, shit doesn't stop fluctuating. I wish I could just get some consistency.

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