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Symptoms getting worse every week

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my afterimages have been getting worse and now i have severe trouble focusing or "taking it all in" does  this get better? i got hppd a year ago from weed and it started as a slow onset of symptoms like months inbetween, first floaters 2 months later tinnitus, then visual snow, then afterimages. is it going to keep progressing? is this normal? i haven't done any drugs. i'm getting really sad. 

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Mine is also worsening by itself, bud. It's rather hopeless if I dwell on it. And to add fuel to the fire I happened to ingest some passive weed smoke last week that has sent this into absolute overdrive.......

As I understand it it's rare for it to worsen by itself but.....evidently it happens thus for some.....

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      anyone who got HPPD or Depersonalisation , got headaches as well ?
      i have derealization and visual snow, and i get terrible headaches, which seem to move around.
    • By Trippy Racer
      Hi, everyone! I would like to ask you a question. Does anyone have a "real" palinopsia? In other words, positive afterimages, same colour as the object I was looking on.
        I have constant "strong afterimages" after looking at objects and "tracking afterimages" after looking at lights. Strange thing - I don't see trails behind moving objects. It looks like on this video and picture:      
      I will be very thankful for your answer. Good luck everyone   


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