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Are my visual problems a result of eye sensitivity?

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My eyes are very sensitive to light, at the beginning 10 months ago I had to sleep with an eye mask on, I couldn't look out the window, or at the sky. It's gotten better but my eyes are still sensitive. 

My question is, does eye sensitivy playing a role in my visual problems, symptoms such as afterimages and ghosting? 


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As my symptoms have improved my pupils have decreased drastically. Obviously there's a correlation between HPPD severity and pupil size in my case, and certainly in some others. Your pupils function like the aperture of a camera: when they are open, more light gets let in and the picture is lighter; when they are closed less light gets in and the picture is darker. I'm of the belief that for whatever reason my pupils are letting in too much light and visual stimuli which is causing many HPPD symptoms. There is obviously some sort of sensitivity, but I think it comes back to my eyes allowing too much stimulus into my brain in the first place. 

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