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Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) Support Forum

If you're under drugs during surgery, could your hppd get worse?

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I've been put under a few times for routine "old guy" tests.  I noticed no issues afterwards.  My visuals were no worse afterwards.

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    • By Chiggs17
      A little background, I've done acid twice mdma a handful of times and mushrooms a handful. I've only done one and then a half tab of acid and never really tripped that hard. The thing is, I've had persistent visual disturbances for about a month and a half now and was diagnosed with HPPD. In my case it's pretty mild, in many environments I don't even notice anything, certain patterns/lightning however can really trip me out. Here's what's really strange though, my best friend is having the exact same issues I have, it just doesn't really bother him. I'm prone to anxiety and can't help but dwell on it which makes it worse. It seems really statistically improbable that we would both have HPPD, does anyone have any thoughts on this? Is that evident of it being more of a transient thing? I'm really confused at this point. My psych has been a big help but I haven't mentioned this to him yet

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