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Hello, im originally. And i got hppd at 16

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@Cjb007 It's hard to say if it has 100%, but it has cleared to the point where it doesn't interfere with my life/ ability to feel happiness. And I believe it will heal completely, as I have read countless stories online and even met one person IRL who experienced DP/DR after taking a hallucinogen and recovered 100%. 


I remember days where the difference between being awake and dreaming were almost nonexistent. When you think about it, it makes complete sense that someone living in that state would feel burdened by "matrix-like" thoughts. 


I think the two biggest factors for me were time and sobriety. On top of that, routine was big. Putting things in place like a work schedule, knowing when I am going to bed, excerice, etc. helps the body and mind feel more comfortable. Also, when you are talking to others, try and really connect with them. I know this is extremely hard with dp, and it certainly isn't a quick fix, but it's something that I committed to doing early on and I think it helped fix the looping thought patterns. Instead of thinking is that person real/ why do they look like an alien, think, what is this person thinking about/ how is theit day going/ what can I do for them? 


If if you have any other questions feel free to PM me. 


Also here are some links to positive recovery stories. 







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Dpdr will go away. Mine can come on randomly but might be gone for weeks at a time.

Most of the people who have permanent dpdr were abused as children or saw combat.

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Its just so Weird because ive Never had anxiety or Any stress in my life im 15 Yo. WHO has a lot of mates and go to partys. girls Like me hahah. Everyone im my family are very Nice. We have a wealthy family. Everything is good but still 2 Badtrips Can Jack me up this bad

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seems like apart from hppd your life is pretty good, just try and enjoy that part of life while trying to recover. your lucky bro not a lot of people on this forum can say that, remember life goes on and i do believe that you have what it takes to recover from anxiety.

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16 hours ago, Cjb007 said:

How long did it take for it to go from 24/7 to just sometimes

Mine wasnt 24/7. There was always a correlation with anxiety. The less anxiety, the less to no dpdr.

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Interesting experience last night, I went to my cousins wedding. (Really nice to see the family) the day went on and I didn't think about hppd at all. At the end of the night I was sober and hungry. They had mash potatoes and chicken, since I forgot about the whole night shades being psychoactive to us I took a nice plate of that. I ate it all and maybe 15 minutes later I was experiencing a whole body and mind high. My thoughts weren't cloudy but my body felt heavy. I felt like I was drunk and high. I came home and lied down, when I moved it felt as if I had roots in my bed. I felt sluggish and heavy. I fell asleep, while imagining conversations, and now its 4:31 pm. Weird experience. @Jay1

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Am I the only one that has really bad static when they wake up? I'll wake up from sleeping, walk out my room to a lit kitchen and everything be grey white and black for a like 30 seconds. It's really bad, in a dark room it's just all static.

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    • By Henkneedshelp
      Hey guys.

      Im 19 and last weekend (4 days ago) i used ecstasy for the first time. I took less then 1/4 of a pill and 3 hours later 1/4 again. At most it was half a pill (not tested, i know thats really stupid). 

      I have done weed before but between every smoke there was about 1 to 2 weeks break.

      Now my questions is do i have hppd?
      The moment i woke up the next day of taking ecstasy i was scared that something was wrong with me. I had some blurred vision and a bit of a headache. So i started looking online and found out about HPPD. Now i am trying to see if i have the symptomsbthey discribe and guess what? i do have some of the symptoms.

      I have the visual snow one but only if i focus on it but yea its still scaring me.

      I do have afterimages but only when i look in really bright lights and itbonly stays for 0.5 second. 

      And some bright car light have like this star shape but i think i had that as a child aswell.

      So yeah what do you guys think?

      I also want to mention that during the trip i didnt halucinate so im not sure if i eveb can get hppd without having halucinated. And the trip was good.

      The thing im most scared about is that i will never be able to drink a beer and smoke weed again. (i read that people with hppd cant to that anymore cause it increase the symptoms).

      What i dont have is things morphing in stuff and i dont halucinate. I dont feel disconnected with myself.

      Am i overthinking stuff or what?

      Thanks for reading,
    • By Nation
      One of my therapists got me thinking about the role that guilt may play in sustaining my HPPD. I've realized that my obsession with my "HPPD" - visual in my case (for more info see here) - is connected to a general feeling of guilt for doing drugs and doing other things that go strongly against my religious upbringing. I'm wondering if the fixation on various parts of my body is a sort of "alchemy of guilt" - intense guilt finding its way into an obsession over physical phenomena. Please answer the poll, curious about this! Feel free to ask questions if you're not clear where I'm coming from. 
      Thanks =)
    • By justaman
      I took hppd about 2 months ago and ever since I’ve been very aware of what I’m seeing. Like at night when I’m in the car driving, I’m not sure if it’s been there before but street lights or any sort of light kinda has a glare to it, like very shiny and has like a glow to it. I’ve noticed that when I look at the moon. There’s another moon next to it but half of the size, like a glare. I suck at explaining but am I getting hppd or is all this normal? I’ve been stressing over This for a while now and I’m going to a psychologist to get checked out. 
      I forgot to mention that I only taken lsd once. I’ve only smoked weed before . 
    • By slowdancinginaburningroom
      Hi all,
      So on August 6, 2017, at around 10pm, my friend basically forced me into doing acid for the first and only time. I didn’t really want to take it, my girlfriend had just broken up with me, I had gotten blackout drunk the night before, I had just eaten, and I was also afraid of the drug because I had always been told it fries your brain. So anyways, I took one tab of tested (not synthetic [excuse my terminology I know nothing about this stuff]) in order to get high, which is the wrong reason to take the drug. I didn’t really feel anything until I started getting some minor visuals a few hours in. Then at about the 5 hour mark, the trip turned terrible. I started freaking out, I got constipated, and I began to freak out begging my friend to take me to the hospital. After about 4 more hours of this, we both agreed to take a single Xanax bar, and that helped me finally go to sleep. The next day I felt ok, things seemed a little different and I guess I knew to expect that temporarily. The day after that is when all my problems began to surface. I began to see an abnormal amount of floaters in my vision that move with my eyes, not on my own, and I also began to see afterimages of everything and I have also developed blue field entoptic phenomenon as well. These all pale in comparison to the anxiety which controls me. It’s now been 2 months (October 11, 2017) as I write this, and I haven’t been able to get good sleep on a consistent basis and I am extremely concerned that this is tearing my life apart. I can’t get the fact that I used acid out of my head. The floaters never subside unless I am in a dimly lit room, and I become extremely anxious and am not able to sleep easily at night. My social life has significantly deteriorated as well, as my friends love to smoke pot but I no longer do because I am afraid it will aggravate my HPPD. The girl who broke up with me the day of the trip gave me a second chance, but after acid I became completely obsessed with her to a point where it became necessary for her to remove me from her life, despite the fact that I was never like that with her before tripping, and I convinced myself that I could not live without her, which is downright creepy and not like the old me at all. She has called me psychotic on two different occasions since the breakup despite me not telling her anything I am suffering from. It has now been 3 weeks and my thoughts are still consumed by her and my HPPD. I haven’t smoked pot since 6 days before the trip, and since the trip I have taken one Xanax and drank on several occasions, which I have now stopped. I use an e cigarette every day and but I don’t drink caffeine. I have committed now to complete sobriety aside from the e cig, which I had quit previously for about 3 days, but did not alleviate any symptoms. I’m only 17 and I have my whole life ahead of me and right now I feel like it isn’t worth living if I have to deal with this. I made a mistake, one tab of acid, and I don’t know if I can deal with the reality that this may haunt me for the rest of my life. If this is truly permanent, I can’t see why I would want to continue to be a part of this world as it’s only been 2 months and the symptoms, however minor, are now unbearable. I cannot get professional help as my parents are non-believers in western medicine and would not send me to a psychiatrist unless I went full-blown insane. There is also no history of mental illness in my family. Any suggestion is welcome.
    • By HDDeer
      This is mainly to the newcomers like myself. For those of you just entering your days of hppd, take it from someone who also hasnt had it for very long, ive only had it for 3 months. The first month to months could very well be a hellish ride straight to satans throne. But one thing id tell you is to not lose hope, insert yourself into discussions with friends and on forums(not just about hppd but anything) take some recommended vitamins like vitamin d3 and b complex and magnesium, get a therapist you can talk to and stay active, all these things will help you get better. While my visual symptoms have not subsided, my physical symptoms on the other hand have. Ive always had social anxiety tho, so for the most part i would say i definitely feel like myself again. I attempted suicide in my first month and its now my third month and im so glad i never did. If theres three things of most importance i could tell you to do 
      1. Acceptance(accept this is your life as of right now, you cant dwell on the fact you MIGHT have this for the rest of your life because you also MIGHT NOT. My girlfriend told me i just need to take it one day at a time, we live day by day not month by month or day by month, you dont know if youll have this tomorrow or a month from now or a year, which leads to my second)
      2. Never give up hope (Accepting that you have it in my opinion is a great step to recovery. But also being hopeful in the possibility of recovery is very important) 
      Acceptance and being positive/hopeful are two great things to feel towards hppd. Its at that point imo you can feel true improvement and recovery.
      3. CEASE ALL DRUGS. I cant stress that one enough, let your brain rest.
      Those in my opinion are the three best things to do when faced with hppd. Granted i may have it milder than a lot of hppders but i do want you guys to know i havent smoked or dosed since the onset, i drank maybe 3 or 4 times(avoid that too if you can) i also have a foot injury right now but most of my improvement came when i was going to the gym and running and sweating like a dog. Hppd isnt the end, but in a lot of ways its an eye opener. 

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