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    • By justaman
      I took hppd about 2 months ago and ever since I’ve been very aware of what I’m seeing. Like at night when I’m in the car driving, I’m not sure if it’s been there before but street lights or any sort of light kinda has a glare to it, like very shiny and has like a glow to it. I’ve noticed that when I look at the moon. There’s another moon next to it but half of the size, like a glare. I suck at explaining but am I getting hppd or is all this normal? I’ve been stressing over This for a while now and I’m going to a psychologist to get checked out. 
      I forgot to mention that I only taken lsd once. I’ve only smoked weed before . 
    • By lilmopHEAD1
      dooo i have a chance of getting better if i go healthy and stop smoking
    • By Annie
      my name is Annie, and I started dating my amazing boyfriend Kai a few months ago. I love him, absolutely crazy about him. He has HPPD with a sister diagnosis of anxiety. I do not have HPPD but I do suffer from GPD and Social anxiety. So I understand his anxiety. This is where my question comes from; if you were dating someone, and you have hppd, what would you want them to know? Kai is a little closed off about it, because he is now 5 years sober from drugs, and 3 year sober from alcohol so he really doesn’t like going into the details of it, and what he did when he was under the influence. So what would you want your significant other to know, recognize, do to help, etc.? I know his medications, when he should take them, what makes his visuals worse and all that but I want to do more for him. 
      Thank you for reading and responding!! (:
    • By gabriel
      I came to talk to you about my symptoms a little bit. I'm Brazilian, so if I say something wrong, I apologize, but I'm still not fluent in English.
      About 11 months ago I tried lsd with a friend, after an hour we used weed, and after that I had a very bad trip. Only today I was able to find this forum, because until then I did not even know what I really have. After using lsd, I have never used lsd or weed again. Since then, I have a lot of anxiety, sometimes I feel very depressed, and I really feel some visual effects, such as sensitivity to light, things seem to vibrate a little, and it seems that sometimes I see traces in moving things.
      What makes me bad is that I can never stop thinking about it all, I try to fight against my own mind not to think about it, but it's very difficult, when I realize it, I'm thinking about it. From what I understand I have hppd, but is it normal for me to think about it constantly? Sometimes I think I'm going to go crazy.
      This site was very inspiring to me, until then I was very afraid of what happened to me, and not knowing that there are so many other people with the same problem. So, THANK YOU for making me a little calmer. I will accompany you always now, hoping that I will improve. Thank you.
    • By kühlschrank
      Dear Fellow Hppdler!
      So iam a hppd newbie , i've had it since this march. so roughly 5 Months.
      I actually just want to ask you if my symptoms are Hppd, or pre hppd, PTSD or whatever!
      NO visual snow! NO trailing! NO afterimages!
      The only Vision related things are:
      Increase of colour , eg trafficlights
      But somehow only bright colors do increase^^, weird stuff ^^ Normal colors look normal
      My vision got worse, like my general eyesight got worse.
      Then i also got DR , but no DP!
      Actually only the derealisation bothers me...
      It got better during the months, but the DR did only slightly decrease.
      Do you think this is Hppd?
      Iam not sure about this, i got my hppd from some horrific lsd trip , so may i just have a trip related trauma? and my mind is trying to protect itself from it by going in DR mode?
      PS: of couse i stopped ALL drug use since then
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Alex C

New to the form and I would like some insight into my hppd

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I'm new to this forum and have only spent a couple of hours reading through it.

I have had mental health problems as long as I remember but it has never been diagnosed. So it's not definite but the family doctor, past psychiatrists, and my school nurse have all thought that I suffer from anxiety and depression, and I believe so too.

all of my symptoms make me feel ver depressed and anxious, and like my life is hopeless and I can't live like everyone else.

i have used 25i-nbome twice, the first time was fine but the second time I had a very bad trip and I believed that I was dead.

its been almost 3 months now and I've been experiencing what seems to be symptoms of hppd.

My symptoms are:

In dark rooms or when my eyes are closed I see blue or red fractals at the centre of my vision, and I'm mildly lit rooms they travel over the walls,

Long lasting after images from bright objects,

the worst symptom is that whenever I look at carpets and sometimes other objects they seem to grow this psychedelic pattern into them, seeing this really scares me. I avoid it by not looking at the floor basically but if I do then it will make me really anxious and more prone to my symptoms for the rest of the day. Does anybody else see this? Because I've only ever read about one other person having it.

i see slight red lines over my keyboard on my phone screen

On plain walls I also see what seems to be like mild static.

when I am hungover I also have strong CEV's that basically take me back to the night before or I see a distant screen that shows what seems to be videos of me

I still have hope for this going away as a lot of the symptoms are only really there when I think about them. So I was wondering if others think this seems hopeful or not?

the fear of my symptoms never going away also scares me a lot and makes things a lot worse.

i am basically sober now, I don't even drink caffeine, but I do occasionally drink alcohol which I am trying to stop. I am on a diet and I go to the gym for a couple of hours daily.

i can have episodes where I feel a lot better and that it is going to go away, and I can sometimes have whole days when I don't think I see any visual disturbances, but small things like my mood being changed can bring it on again where I feel worried about the hallucinations all the time.

i am only 17 so I don't have access to any medication to help yet and it takes a long time to go through the children's mental health service.

i was wondering if people think my hppd will fade eventually, and if there is anything else I can do to further my recovery.

please don't give comments that are negative or make me feel like I will never be cured because it makes things a lot worse for myself.

thank you for any responses given!


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Hi Alex.  I have what you describe when you look at carpets.  With me it happens when I look at anything with a fine grain (sand,  cement, textured ceilings, etc.).  I used to have intense CEVs which have cleared up but it took a long time.  Note, I dosed hundreds of times so it's not a surprise.  I'm not familiar with the chemical you've ingested but I'm assuming it's a psychedelic.  Your symptoms sure sound like hppd to me.  However, I'm not a doctor or an expert on the topic.  I've just had it for a long time.

You're doing the right thing by refraining from psychoactive substances.  Because you've only dosed a few times I think you have a better chance at recovering.  You're also taking care of your body which, for me, helped a lot.  Also, the fact that the symptoms fade at times sounds like an excellent sign.  My visuals are constant unless I'm focused on something like driving, work, or a hobby where I use my hands.

Above all, don't despair!  Even if your symptoms don't entirely go away you can live a wonderful and productive life.  Hang in there.

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