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Seems like this site is more active after a period of latency with a lot of newer members, unfortunately. I thought it might be a good idea to cull some of the more comprehensive and informative threads into one place so people can browse them for information as needed. I'd suggest people add to this thread as they see fit. 

"Bit of an idea for possible CURE. Has some weight to it."

"Finding the cause. To find the cure we need to know the cause." A follow up to the above thread.

"'THE HPPD Stack' - let's create one"

"Medication Trial: Dr. Abraham"

"Why NMDA antagonism?"

"Dear Readers from the Dana Foundation Story:"

"Has anyone tried Coluracetm"

"Comprehensive Bibliography I am using"

"The thread about dopamine agonists and supportive agents (e.g. levodopa and reuptake inhibitors)"

"History of HPPD: Section 2 of 5. Available in PDF"

"What specifically caused your issues??"

"RELEASED: Initial Results of COMT-inhibition Study conducted by Dr. Abraham"

"dna methylation/epigenetics"

"telling parents"


"Success Stories"

"Hey! so who all has speech problems due to their HPPD"

"before/after HPPD"


"Alcohol's effect on hppd"


"Can't feel pleasure. Dopamine receptors destroyed?"

"Klonopin vs. Xanax vs. Valium - how do they compare?"

"My profound experience with levodopa/carbidopa (Sinemet)"

"The big 'if': Coluracetam trial"

"Thiamine Cocarboxylase"

"people's benzo experiences"

"CBD Strains of Marijuana"

"Keppra vs. Clonazepam"

Benzo wd syndrome -- psych questioning its validity"


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18 hours ago, MadDoc said:

Thank you for putting that together.  I've gotten a little lost trying to read so many posts.  

No worries! These are basically the most read and most commented on threads at this site. I also gave priority to threads I felt were informative rather than just popular. Like I said, if anybody has other suggestions please post them. 


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