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Conquering HPPD - What worked for me

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Reading through the posts on this board reminds of myself a while ago 9 years or so ago a DXM experience gone bad thrust into a world of anxiety, memory problems, depersonalization, and ridiculously annoying visual problems. Today, other than an occasional halo, and very occasional squiggly lines (which only seem to occur during intense stress/hardcore workouts) I don't really have any problems.

Time heals all wounds as they say.

What I did notice:

1. Working out hardcore and getting involved in "contact" sports was immensely helpful. It helped reestablish the connection to my body. I really felt out of place in my own skin for a while, but its kind of hard to feel like that when every part of you is incredibly sore.

2. Doing Math, so this sounds pretty arbitrary, but I found activities which hyperfocused and challenged my mind got me to help ignore the symptoms and additionally provided confidence in my intelligence. One thing i've noticed about folks with HPPD is they are almost universally also folks with ADD.

3. Owning the perceptual disorders. I really hated walls with separators or rows, or things like shades anything really with vertical or horizontal divider lines, or tiles. as they would cause me extremely annoyances in how they "Shifted" my vision in clicks - if that makes any sense. So I finally got fed up and forced myself to count the number of dividers. I made this a habit, when taking a bath i would repeatedly count the tiles forcing myself to to slowly shift my vision between each tile and forcing my perception to focus without skipping. This helped immensely.

With Trails I would blink a lot and follow the object that was the cause- sound stupid - but it helped

Visual Artifacts pretty much required ignoring, they will eventually go away, it does however take a while.

The psychological symptoms were the hardest to deal with. I was never really a particularly confident, or well grounded in reality person prior to having the HPPD hit so when it did anxiety and detachedness was particularly bad. I was forced to rebuild my ego essentially. For a while nothing worked, I was resigned to the fact that this was it, i had "ruined myself" for life.

What turned it all around for me was something pretty ridiculous - I got into a fight. I was coming out of a club and walking to my car and all of a sudden something hit me in the back of the head and i fell in pain and felt two people going through my back pocket. For a very brief few seconds I forgot about all the anxiety, all the little reminders of hppd (even while looking at the static night sky) and everything else. I was just afraid of losing my life. So I fought, and i'm by no means a big guy hell at the time i was a wimp, but I swung and hit one of my attackers and managed to create some distance, picked up a rock and threw it the other one narrowly avoiding getting hit by the bottle that had not broken on my head (which they had hit me with previously). I knocked the other one to the ground again out of sheer desperation and he got up and pulled out a knife. I was afraid but luckily for me a few other people were leaving the club and saw this and started to come over to where I was and my would be muggers ran away. I sat down, bleeding, concussed but (at least in my own mind) victorious, and more importantly I had clarity for a few minutes. The fear and pain i had felt reintroduced me to my body and my mind/spirit, the feeling of victory to my ego.

From there on in, I was driven, I didn't want to lose to anyone, i didn't want to feel afraid of anything, HPPD be damned. I did a ton of brain tests, IQ tests, brain visual tests, video game tests etc. and I joined a regular gym, and also started taking maui thai lessons. I researched and tried out a lot of brain oriented substances. All the Racetam's (PIracetam worked amazingly the first time I took it - I remember because i was taking a shower and all of a sudden the fog I had lived with faded away and I could every perceive every drop of water). I also worked hard at trying to learn new things, languages, medical info, math, computer programming etc.

The hppd didn't go away 100% instantly, but i started to not care about it anymore, and it faded into the background, and gradually it disappeared.

This may not be the case for anyone else, but this is how my life unfolded.

This may be the wrong advice but based on my experiences:

Force yourself to have intense natural experiences that connect you to your body/mind. Adrenaline rushes, things that you will remember with an intensity that the fog cannot deny.

Train the body hardcore - be able to run 10 miles non stop at a fast pace, be able to bench your weight + 100lbs, get fit, get cut, get strong.

Train your mind, try some brain software which focuses on visual perception, utilize IQ tests, mensa tests, try hard logic problems, do math!

Gain confidence - Learn to defend yourself, learn to take care of yourself, learn to compete and win at something, games, sports etc.

Feed your ego - Become really good at something - Art, Music, Computers, Architecture

Try some Brain boosting sup's - PIracetam, Rhodiola, document how they effect you.

View HPPD as the enemy, conquer your mind then conquer it = no more HPPD.


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Hey man thanks for telling us your story, i think i speak for more than one of us here when i say that it's really encouraging to read about people beating this crap...

I was just wondering for how long did you have it and what your lifestyle is like now...do you drink on occasion?

Glad youre better and again thanks for sharing...ill look up piracetam and give it a shot..

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Heh yeah, sometimes it is good every once in a while to hear a honest success of just being able to come out the other side.

I believe there are people that do and just want to forget the black hole that was this time, which is completely understand able. i have been able tocope pretty well without hope of recovery as I believe attempting to cope with the disorder on the grounds of hope for a better future alone will lead you to places that are worse off then just trying to live the best you can with what you have. But, it is always good to hear that there maybe an other side to this.

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The reconstruction of the ego is the most difficult to achieve. The LSD for moments that takes you by force. Experiencing that feeling 24/7 ...

I think this post is one of the most inspiring I've read

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Hey dsync, I don't suffer from DP/DR just visuals but thanks for this post man! I think we all need to hear inspirational stories like yours.

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It sounds like what I had while I was tripping. Is it a feeling of disconnectedness from the world? Like you aren't grounded fully in your senses?

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something like that. A weed trip that never ends, but there's not the problem. Your accions, memories,feelings, dont feel yours.

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    • By Allen85
      Hello All, My name is Allen. I've browsed this site randomly over the past couple years but was afraid share. I'm in my 30's and have had HPPD 2 for 18 years. I was diagnosed 5 years ago after a seeing countless doctors through the years. Recently I found out my wife was pregnant and I became determined to find a treatment or, god willing, a cure. When I was in my mid teens I took lsd about 5 times and I was a chronic marijuana smoker. The last time I took lsd I smoked weed at the same time and I had the worst experience of my life: My heart began to race uncontrollably, my arms and face became numb; I saw long blury trails on everything and I felt hot and cold all at once. It was so intense that I thought for sure I was going to die. In desperation, I curled up in a ball on my couch, closed my eyes, and began to pray to god repeatedly to make it stop and let me live, until eventually I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and thanked god I was alive. I swore of lsd forever. Unfortunately that didn't stop me from trying to party with my friends as usual. Every time I smoked weed after that I would have severe panic attacks and almost black out. When I'd drink alcohol I felt like I had a lump in my throat and couldn't breathe. A couple weeks after that horrible trip I woke up to a dull version of the same type of visuals I had the night of my bad trip, I was petrified and began having random panic attacks. I finally told my mother what I did and what happened since and she took me to the doctor. The doctor swore it was depression with anxiety and completely dismissed any lsd involvement. She prescribed me Effexor and xanax. The effexor didn't help at all and it made my heart race. The symptoms were not going away. I was afraid I damaged my brain beyond repair. Shortly after I withdrew from school and became a hermit. The xanax helped a lot with anxiety but the visuals remained. Through the years I saw about a dozen different psychiatrists and none of them knew what was wrong with me and continued me on benzodiazepines and ssri's. I lost my insurance and couldn't afford all the doctor appointments and medicine, so I began getting zoloft and Vicodin off the streets to self medicate. Eventually the visuals became less intense and my panic attacks were less frequent. Although the visuals and anxiety are a part of my daily life, I still manage to function. Some days are worse than others but I forced myself back into society and I got a good job in construction, and married my girlfriend who has been with me through this whole experience. I got off the vicodin with suboxone and continued the zoloft. With the news of our first child, I found a new determination to get rid of this horrible disease for good. I told my doctor that I wanted to try anything we can to make this stop and she agreed to start prescribing me different medications to see what, if anything, will work. She prescribed clonidine last visit and I started it 6 days ago. Unfortunately it hasn't helped my visuals at all and last night I began having strange thoughts and seeing weird images when I closed my eyes. I'll keep everyone updated on how it goes. I'm really hopeful that something will get rid of this for good. Wish me luck and good luck to all of you.
      P.s. I am thankful to whomever started and maintains this site. I hope we can get this horrible disease more attention and find a real treatment for it.
    • By Loukas iliop
      So, i have been on research lately and somehow came across  homeopathy. I was researching about my dpdr and found that there is a homeopathic remedy called Anhalonium lewinii. Anhalonium lewini is a psychedelic plant(has mescaline). As far as im concerned, in homeopathy they treat x with x so it might makes some sense. The reason im writing this here and not on some dpdr forum is because i believe it can help hppd as well. Microdosing this homeopathic remedy helped people get rid of their dpdr. Thats what i read: Anhalonium lewinii is an excellent remedy for brainfag and hallucinations. Patient seems to be in a form of intoxication accompanied by wonderful visions, remarkably beautiful with varied kaleidoscopic changes. These patients lack conception of time, are dissatisfied, suspicious, insecure, forsaken, resentful to society, dissociated from environment and lack self confidence when in company. They self analyze themselves, escape in a world of dreams and feel they are different. These patients can have a confusion of identity, as if had two wills, or are separated from their thoughts, may also have a delusion of floating in the air, of being double, being separated from the physical world and are observing from above. 
      A lot of people disagree with homeopathy but this sounds interesting. What are your views on it?
    • By Loukas iliop
      Hi guys. Im apparently new to the forum, so i want to start by explaining my story and how and why i got here. Im 16 years old and as you can imagine, people between that age aren't very concerned about their health or anything in general. Even though i was a kid who liked  exercising or working out i was also very curious on trying drugs like weed . About a year ago, my mom got cancer but i couldn't feel anything, like i had no fear that she was going to die(i hadnt tried any drug in my life, not even tobacco or alcohol), feeling like im some kind of numb, not having empathy (which scared me because i was that kid who would be concerned about anything related to his family.) A couple months later, i started feeling more lost. I had lost the days and i didnt care at all . I was depressed but i didnt want to realize it. I couldn't accept the fact that something was wrong about my mental health at that point. After my vacation between December and January, i came back, again kinda numb. School was closed for Christmas and would open soon. As school opened, my friend asked me if i want to smoke some weed with his friends. Not even thinking about it, i answered, why not? The next couple of weeks i would smoke about 2-3 bong hits a week(nothing more). And yet i wasnt feeling high(maybe because of the dosage) . So one day i made a stupid desicion to get as high as possible(at that point i hadnt get a single high feeling in my life, not even from the bong hits). I started smoking and taking bong hits. I ate nothing. Fifteen minutes later i was kinda confused. I would be so stupid that i couldn't even think of simple things. I started to realize that i was high and it felt cool, for the first minutes. 2 minutes later i started feeling like i was in a boat, like i was lost and dizzy. Suddenly, my vision started to have some wierd black dots everywhere . I had a blackout  and a bad panic attack . The high was so strong that i couldn't control or see anything for a couple of seconds(idk if that sounds a bit unrealistic but im trying to explain everything as it went through). After that seconds, i took control over my body, but it was like i was in a lucid dream. Like i was a camera, like i was observing the world through the tiniest tv screen . I felt my body strange. I would touch things and feel them after 2 to 3 seconds . I was so confused and anxious . My friends had freaked out because nothing similar didnt happen to them ever .i lost my mind, i got paranoid that this thing would last forever, like i was going to live the rest of my life like this. 2 hours later i wasn't high no more, but something felt strange. I went to sleep and i remember being between sleep and awake. I was so lost that night. I was having a dream of getting paranoid while i was also partly awake. The morning came and yet i was lost. I had black dots around my visual field, I couldn't see the walls clearly, like if they had some light everywhere in them. Moving my eyes from a shiny direction to another, i would see the previous image blurry for a couple of seconds. All that combined scared the shit out of me making me more paranoid about everything. I started feel like i was fake, everything seemed like a dream, my body felt like it wasnt mine. I got home after school and i remember having a nap caude i was to tired. Again, i couldn't sleep, i was somewhere between sleep and awake, lost. I woke up feeling like i was a stranger to everything. I had delay on touching things like when i was high. Im not gonna lie, i thought i was in a dream again. That night i explained my parents everything and they were very helpful. The next days my symptoms got worse. My anxiety increased and i had some terrible panic attacks. I would see those black dots everywhere ( when i would wake up in the morning they were moving fast as hell), and a little tinnitus. After a couple of days i would have that delay over the things i touch for some minutes and that was kinda annoying and unexplainable to me . I started observing around and seeing some small halos around people. The first couple of months was literally HELL. Suicide was the only option, i would tell to myself. Everyday i was overanalyzing everything. My walk, the way i talk, how am i able to see humans everyday without observing everything they do and all that insane stuff. It became i habit. Every single day 24/7 checking in to see whats wrong , if im going to be like this for the rest of my life. I went to therapists but they didnt help. They wouldn't diagnose anything. I had an mri and still nothing. I was feeling so unaware of everything. Being in autopilot. I also started homeopathy but it didnt help. My visual symptoms stayed the same 24/7 . The only time the were worse , it was when i was waking up(stayed for 10-15 minutes and then back to normal). 2 months got by without me doing nothing except of overanalyzing every single detail of me, my movements everything.it was that time that i couldn't take it anymore. I started running once a week . It did help with my anxiety (not my visual symptoms though. They were the same all the time.) I also started to taking cold showers. Amazing . Simply amazing for my mental state. It was so difficult at first but i tried and trying my best not to care about jt . I would gonto school and starting to get mote sociable,although feeling lost cause of my vision, but i tried not to care at all(it helped). Now im 4 months after that terrible experience and im way better with the dpdr thing. The only thing that remains is the visual symptoms and the feeling that im in a moving boat. They scare me sometimes causing me panic attacks. I hope that time will heal me and all that people that feeling hopeless. Remember guys, you are not hopeless. You will never be. I was hopeless for months and i did nothing. I AM BETTER. even though my vs and all that hppd symptoms are still there im in a way better mental state than i was. If someone is feeling hopeless or wants to talk, feel free to hit my dm anytime. That was my story . Hope u people found ot helpful. It surely release some kind of a tension to me! Stay safe 
    • By Loukas iliop
      Hello guys, i am very curious. Do neck exercises and overall posture exercises help hppd sufferrers by reducing symptoms? I came across this because hppd is related to visual snow and by developing a good posture and doing daily neck stretches, visual snow will be reduced. 
    • By Lucas
      Hey all,
      One thing that has been consistent since those 2 years of dealing with HPPD is that the longer since I woke up the better I feel.
      Some days I almost feel normal on the evening.
      But the mornings are always awful.
      Has any of you also felt that sleeping seems to worsen symptoms of HPPD ?
      I'd be interested on hearing what you guys have to say on this subject.
      Let me end by wishing you strength on dealing with this shit.
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