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"Dry January", huge help

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Hi folks

Had HPPD 21 years after taking acid 4 times. Only started learning about HPPD over the last few years.

Anyway I might be preaching to the converted here, but just wanted to let people know I've been doing the old "Dry January" - completely cutting out alcohol - and it's had a really noticeable positive effect.

Reduction in some visuals and feel much more clear-headed, balanced and happy. Sleeping much better too, and a bit less snow.

I cut out drugs and smoking years ago but have always drunk alcohol (mostly only at weekends, but in fairly large amounts). I didn't think it had much of a negative effect, but maybe I was wrong.

I'm not going alcohol free for good, as To be honest I use it too relax, as a bit of an escape (I don't like to use the word crutch, but maybe that's what it is). But this has certainly made me think about how much I drink, and the potentially harmful effect it has on the brain.

I can recommend having a break!

Hope everyone's well and things are looking good for 2016.

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I did the same (well, not quite dry, but 2-3 pints per week)... Certainly feel better for it and sleeping well too.

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