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This may seem a bit "out there"... anyhow here goes......


I Have had an invite to participate in a HEALING CEREMONY.. Using KAMBO FROG VENOM.


Has been shown to be beneficial for many many ailments, maybe it could be beneficial for HPPD ??? There is always the risk that it may amplify symptoms if its a stressor to the CNS.. So im in the process of asking the "facilitator" and making her aware of HPPD, and gathering as much information as possible.


It would be amazing if it had a beneficial effect with HPPD...


Hers are two Links, the first is with VIDEOS that describe the treatment and ceremony (see below)




This second document is based on Scientific Research  (see below)




Possibly like a Guinea pig.. we don't know until we try...






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I just received this interesting reply (email)  from the person facilitating the KAMBO ceremony...



i feel frog will be good for you - its a great way of detoxing mind and brain and its not psychoactive 
it also works well with the nervous system 
what i suggest is we do a one dot test on you to see how you react (so that we can check how your nervous system reacts) and then take your further into treatment if you are responding well
there are kambo points which work well on neural pathways which, if  on a first treatment having a positive outcome, could be utilised in the future…so i feel it will be a great medicine for you to meet
kambo is also great for eyesight, vision etc and there are also auricular points for a second treatment if desired that work on the visual field etc…
so…i am confident that we can make some headway with your condition….
i sent you the info about the weekend, right? so you have the address etc…

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I remember when I was reading studies done about hallucinogens changing the way we learn etc.....

Anyone involved in those studies I would remove from practicing medicine or doing research if I could. 

Personally I'd say this sounds pretty dumb.

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