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after 2 years

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hi everyone,

i'm new here so first i'll say hello.

two years ago i got my hppd. the first year was a long nightmare. 

afterwards, it started getting better.

two years later everithing seemed to be ok. until last week.

i did not use any substance except alcohol which i use on regular basis once a week.

i just started to think again about my hppd. have no idea why. and than, it's more noticible to me again.

all the visuals, less enxiety. 

what should i do?

did any one expeireced this "comeback"?

i'm sorry for my english mistakes, i live pretty much on the other side of the world.

thank you.  

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hello everbody



i tried lsd 2 week ago. it was relly a bad trip without sleep a real nightmare

after the trip i realized that i don t feel any emotions, i feel very numb and i am in panic when iam thinking about hppt.

is it possible to come down from state? i am to numb to hate me because this, but im shure i would!



please have anybody some advices for me?

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Look both of you need to not take anymore drugs, smoke anymore weed or drink anymore alcohol.


You will get better but you MUST stay positive and free of ALL substances.


Even if you drank before and everything was fine it won't stay that way for ever and you will continue to go through the hell you are going through now if you don't listen.


I am guilty of it too but now I don't even smoke cigarettes.


It is the only way you will get better TRUST ME!


If either of you would like to send me a private message for more support feel free :)  It is a horrible disease especially when you start to heal and then it comes back.


Best of luck and STAY POSITIVE!!!

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This hppd started for me about a week ago, I found out what it was a few days ago and I'm scarred, but I'm doing my best not to let it control my life. I'm starting a schedule soon of eating healthy and natural and working out, and staying clean, of course. If anyone needs extra support, feel free to message me!

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