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DSM: Psychiatry's Deadliest Scam [documentary]

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The first one - the 'documentary' about the DSM - seems to be the work of Scientology, as far as I can see. I was watching it, my (exceptionally clever) brother walked by and remarked that it sounded Scientology-esque. It seems that Toby Burwell is one of the people behind the video, and he's a proud Scientologist.

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It´s nauseating. But I give the docs the benefit of the doubt. I´m not afraid to tell them I disagree but I receive deaf ears. Strange how many theories they have had about me and forced me drugs. They love to put my detailed journal on the data let them have it...


No doubt medication has helped people, but "brain drugs" and injections are really not my style. I guess a was unlucky, that stuff did´nt work for me.


I´m just glad we´re not in the 50-60´ies or else HPPD´ers would get a lobotomy job.

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Accurately noted, StateOfRegret.

This video is courtesy of the Scientology Church. They have a front called "Commitee for Human Rights" which claims that ADHD meds is an evil conspiracy for drugging kids, and that there are no psychiatric disorders at all.

If one reads the deranged core beliefs of Scientology, it's good evidence that psychiatric disorders does exist and mass prescription of antipsychotics should immidately be mandatory for all members of Scientology! :-D

This "church" has a lot of money and influence, so they can trick people into believing their b**ls**t without people really understanding the source of the "info". I have seen it spreading on social media, newspapers and on the TV.

There recently was a scandal in Sweden regarding the Scientology-funded drug rehab Narconon. Obviously they had "rehabilitated" addicts with large doses of vitamin B and frequent sauna baths, but also tried to recruit them to their church, where the true "purification" awaited..

Yet, I'm very aware of the large pharmaceutical corporations foul play with with bribes and lobbyism.

There was a case where a manager of the government DMV authority received bribes from the large corporation Eli Lilly to approve Strattera as the first hand choice for ADHD medication, which lacks efficiency evidence.

The DMV banned the evidently effective Dexamphetamine because of this, and made it extremely hard to get Methylphenidate.

The Scientologists after this got fired up and bashed all ADHD and other psychiatric meds, and even said ADHD is a fake diagnose, along with every other diagnoses in the DSM manual. All neatly packed in the cute "Commitee for Human Rights" package!

But who are they to say so? They believe that all psychiatric problems are caused by soul-parasiting evil spirits called thetans, which were cast down to earth by the alien Xenu.. Which can be purged by paying large sums of money to the church, to rise in the ranks. Higher rank= more purified.. Hmm well that sounds very logical!

*sarcasm meter shooting through the roof*

With all this said, trust your common sense and get scientific knowledge on medicine.

There are clear reasons to not trusting Scientology at all, but there are also reasons to not fully trust all medical corporations marketing.

If anything is to be trusted, it's science and research, not Scientology and/or corporations profit motives! ;-)

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With all this said, trust your common sense and get scientific knowledge on medicine.

There are clear reasons to not trusting Scientology at all, but there are also reasons to not fully trust all medical corporations marketing.

If anything is to be trusted, it's science and research, not Scientology and/or corporations profit motives! ;-)

Very true, 415 :) ! It's also worth noting who funded the medical research in question ;) (Yes, I'm ''in science'' but I don't have delusions about the infallibility of the so-called scientific method ;) )

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Indeed, Stateofregret. Science is process forward without stop, not a goal that can be reached. As nature has no absolutes, but is in constant motion.

Science is to keep questioning, not accepting anything as 100% truth, but striving for getting closer to "truth" without pause.

So the best method is to have and keep updating the knowledge-base and cross study many sources. Also keeping in mind who's funding the research..

I'm usually wary against lack of criticism, if something sounds to good to be true.

The scientific method is therefore not infallible, but less lacking than not using such a method.. ;-)

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