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Yeah maybe the B supplement you're using is stronger than mine... never had any issues with anxiety with it.  I started taking it because I smoke and drink and I also heard it gives you energy.  I needed a non-stimulant after lunch at work to help with brain fog.  Seems to help quite a bit.


Are you taking it with food? 

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Yea i take it right after i had my last spoon of dinner. I think it was just my 'first bad day' with hppd. Who knows.

I stopped for now since I didnt really notice any effects except for neon piss lol.

But im noticing a mild headpressure/migraine the past couple days. I didnt have it before but im wondering if the vitamin B complex had anything to do with it. Kind of like a withdrawal if you will. Ive only taken it about 4-7days but i didnt really have noticeable head/migraine before starting it. It could also be just from school. who knows.

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by the way, bulkpowders are doing a promotion, so anyone using bulkpowders can get a £5 discount if they use my referral code, and i get something off my next order too: JU14655


Thanks for the fiver, whoever bought some stuff off bulkpowders recently.

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I plan to start working out again because really that is the last time I felt great before HPPD, so I figured I would post a list of supplements used mainly for body building but at the same time they have everything you need. I don't know how these mix with medicine so I would consult your doctor. I plan on being off all meds here soon besides gabapentin and I myself am going to start taking all these supplements with the gabapentin and start working out and eating healthier. I will do a 10 day master cleanse detox before starting this routine. But anywho I posted links to some of the best products not no gmc or walmart crap,


This can get kind of costly but if you are working out and decided to quit your meds and quit smoking and drinking it should even out price wise


moringa 4g daily - people should really look into this plant

Just check on amazon, I bought a 1 pound bag for like 25 bucks and my own pill press and 1000 1.2g pills for like 25 bucks too.





omegas and essential fatty acids



a ton of carbs - I can't remember the DE % but I think it was between 10 to 15? Carbs maximum uptake of amino acids and allow more to cross the BBB



protein it is wheat protein, I know it's not the best but the bcaa make up for that and the price does too!






bedtime bcaa



pre workout  - m5 extreme extreme and bsn n.o. xplode 



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Anyone had any luck with anything?  I take a B complex every day and it seems to help with brain fog and give me more energy. I also take Vitamin D year round except for summer and the odd multivitamin and fish oil tablet.  I've also tried L-Theanine and it helps deepen sleep (also good for the caffeine jitters).  Pretty expensive though. 


I'm thinking of trying NAC?  Mainly just looking for some help in the cognitive department, although this constant "glitchy" stuff is unnerving and can go away any time it wants :(


Definitely had some help with B12 (methylcobalamin) - though in injection and in sublingual forms, not in B complex.  And also in conjunction with GPC and MSM.


Nothing discernible with B6/P5P (sometimes used with Keppra) or B complex


But recently had startling results with thiamine ... but ONLY cocarboxylase, NOT 'standard' forms (hcl, mononitrate).  This was not expected.  A few others have tried, usually with good results so far.  http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/5124-thiamine-cocarboxylase-the-poll/


If you try it, please let us know if it helps you or not

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