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Has anyone developed new visual symptoms after sobering up?

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Im quite sick right now and one of my new symptom is ghosting. 


I know i had anisocoria(different size pupil dilation) fluid ceilings and moving letters, which were noticeable when I let it/concentrate to make it happen. (this is all sober, drug free for 1.5month now, always had the moving letter and ceiling since last lsd trip but ghosting to do this degree is new. [had really really minor tracer])

I also found headlights to be more bright and caramelized, but now i have some very noticeable ghosting and light leaking effect. 




(picture not mine)


The ghosting is like the 2d moon but all around and the glare lines are as strong as the 3rd moon. 


It happens on bright things and its mostly noticeble on streetlights,leds,headlight,and bright screen.


Im worried because this might be a symptom of multiple sclerosis but i realized that when I do pinpoint or squinting, i can make it better. My understanding is that vision problems related to MS are caused by nerve/messages. Would pinpoint/squinting make a difference in vision in the case of MS relation? 


Also, I just used some anti-inflammatory eye drops, it seemed a little better but not much. 


I also suspect thyroid disease which is also known to cause eye problems. 


I'm seeing a neurologist tomorrow but due to circumstances(diff country, knowing doctor) I cant tell him ive used LSD before. 


So has anyone "developed" a new visual disturbance as time went by(sober)? 


Also, sometimes i feel that being sick can strengthen the visual effects so i dont know if me being sick is making the HPPD worse or its an unrelated  new symptom of sickness... I dont want to mislead the doctor if its just an addition to HPPD but at the same time i cant tell him FUCKKKKKKK i hate my life. 


Also, i dont think i had any anxiety(had minor attack on led) nor depression(rather lsd brought me out of depression) aftereffects but being physically sick for a month and not being diagnosed is starting to take its mental toll on me. Most doctors think ill just get better since im in my early 20s. Going to a big hospital/doctor tomorrow though. 

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