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Shock Proteins

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Shock proteins, in particular alpha crystallin, are involved in cataracts, Parkinson's, and a few other neurological disorders.

Taking Glutathione is one of your best protections. NAC is another.

Glutathione is used in the eye (and everywhere) to clean up damaged tissue (normal wear-and-tear). Ultraviolet light reduces glutathione in the lens and thus the formation of cataracts (burnt proteins that alpha crystallin couldn't clean out quick enough). That is why wearing sun glasses (UV filtering) protects the eye from cataracts.

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yeah guys!; it took me a while to get to where you are but ran across heat shock{-proteins, de-oligomerization or prevention, CSF, Choloid P., myelins, brain fat insulation, brain fat de-rancitification etc. We need faster turnover of CSF and glutamate.

The thing is, i think, that most chemicals in the body have more than one function and what is needed for our body all the time is not necessarily wanted in the brain that has had an "explosive shock to the system" from hallucinogens. Kind of an example would be that platelets are totally necessary for healing the body, but if you were to throw a clot to the brain, you would have a stroke and die.

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