Bit of an idea for possible CURE. Has some weight to it.

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On 3/8/2018 at 1:09 PM, dasitmane said:

Looking pretty bad guys.


ill elaborate on this study later.

Basically if you go through this study it vigorously goes through the steps of showing how MDMA and other amphetamines cause not only axonal damage specifically related to serotonin receptors, but also axonal degeneration(loss). So at this point I'm going to stand my ground and say that HPPD is definitely and unarguably a disease/disorder caused by excitotoxic axonal and potential neuronal degradation. The losses are not seen in MRIs because the damage and losses are selective/scattered. The losses are not recoverable involving axonal degeneration and neuronal death.

When I get a chance I'll try to elaborate on things more proficiently, but at this point I'm pretty much done with my research. Ill try and go over the areas that are effected, how, why, and why even with neurogenesis its an incurable disorder, though might be slightly improvable. Also I hope that we can get a sticky filled with proper information warning people of the dangers of using hallucinogens and other drugs. There are a lot of people that will argue that these compounds do not cause neuronal damage, and they are very entirely wrong, I believe everyone has the right to accurate information on this matter and hope to help them not make the same terrible decision that I did. 

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I'd like to add briefly that if anyone would like to continue the research. Basically at this point finding a way to repair axonal tracts is the biggest impediment. Also finding information on axonal tract formations. Growth cones. Etc...


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