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I figured I would just go ahead and post this. I'm pretty sure everyone or most have done the internet research thing and there are the prevailing theories on hppd. I know there's a lot of meds that will eventually come out, probably not tomorrow but they will probably be beneficial to hppd too, probably all know that. The one I came across was bl-1020, or I guess as it's going to be known as Clarity. It's suppose to be a GABA enhancing anti-psych of it's own class coming out in a couple years supposive low side effect profile too. I know that's kind of the depressing part if your looking at it like that but there's all kinds of weird shit coming out so I guess I was wondering if anyone else came across anything, maybe make a list or something, just so it's out there. Not a doctor btw. Hope everybody is well.

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I don't really research things anymore as when I did I would fixate on my symptoms and that would be no good, I even rarely visit this and the visual snow forum anymore. But seeing as I have done what you have asked before I thought I would post.

I know most here suffer from anxiety and dp/dr (which is the result of such) and this drug here looks very promosing, I've been following it along for a while, even emailed them to see if I was able to participate in testing it, it was not going through any expirimental phases though unfortunately. But in regards to those symptoms and the fact the benzos help a lot of people with these and the visual symptoms I would think this would be a nice drug to try..


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